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THE DOCTRINE OF CREATION: Denominations Skew the Truth

Humans all have a tendency to align with those with whom we have things in common. Whether these commonalities are based on looking the same, having similar tastes or holding the same beliefs, groups form for various reasons. At Creation Science Evangelism (CSE), we have based our ministry on the literal interpretation of the creation […]

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They Say, We Say: Evidence of the Obvious

Evidence that God exists, that Christ is the Son of God and that, along with the Holy Spirit, God encompasses these three identities, appears in the Bible; in fact, throughout the Bible. To know that the one God created the universe forms the basis of faith, our foundation. We know God created the world and […]

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What Do the Cults Believe?

Over 80% of the membership of the cults is composed of ex-Christians who were once members of orthodox denominations. Christians must be grounded in the Word of God if they are to avoid suffering the same fate (Heb. 5:12-14). We must be sure of our beliefs and be able to back them up with the […]

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