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A widow of 73 years of age named Mary feels called to a specific mission field.  This dear saint of God has used her Social Security to buy two duplication towers to duplicate The Creation Seminar.  She said her mission field is the state of Oklahoma.  She has determined in her heart to reach that state for Jesus with creation resources!

The following is the story of how your ministry impacted my life and the life of my entire family.

I had finished up my tour in the US Army and was traveling the West Coast.  I was “lost”.  I had been raised staunch Roman Catholic and I knew the sin debts I had racked up in life were impossible for me to pay off.  As a Catholic, I saw no feasible way to get out of it all.  Although I knew deep down inside that there was a God, I turned my back on Him.  I was in a hopeless, spiritual self-destruct state.  To make a long, sad story short, I was aimlessly traveling the West Coast living in my truck and eating food I’d catch on the beach.  I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I knew that there had to be an answer.  Finally, I emotionally broke down and begged God to take me even though I didn’t know how he could forgive me.

It was late summer, and I found myself in western Montana, broke and out of gas.  I called my mom to see if she could cut me another loan for gas so I could make it home.  Mom is quite the strong woman and she refused to bail me out.  What tough love! Knowing she wouldn’t change her mind even if I begged, I walked in the Pizza Hut on Main Street and asked for a job.  Luckily, they actually needed a driver that day, so I got the job.  My plan was just to get enough money to buy some gas to get home so I could get drunk. 

The shift leader was Jordan.  There was something different about her that I couldn’t figure out, but liked.  She was gentle, forgiving, clean, and had a strange peace about her.  I asked her to go on a date with me, and she agreed but was “old school” so we had to be chaperoned by her folks.  Then she invited me to hang out with her at her uncle’s church.  Although it is a sin for a Catholic to walk into a Protestant church, I liked being with Jordan and I was curious.  It was a small Baptist church and Jordan’s uncle was the preacher.  I thought it was interesting, but the message didn’t really soak in. 

A Sunday or two later, after church, we were having dinner at her uncle’s house and were talking about hunting large game.  I brought up something about going back in time to the Pleistocene to hunt giant rhino or something.  I got some very uncomfortable looks and Jordan asked me to watch a video with her.  We stuck in The Creation Seminar Part 1 – The Garden of Eden.  Two minutes later, I was glued to the television.  I had NEVER heard anything like that before, but it blew me away.  I knew all about dinosaurs, geology, biology and ancient civilizations, but this DVD was eerily putting all the parts together in a way no one else had done.

Over the next few weeks, Jordan and I’s “dating” consisted of me coming over to her house and hanging out with her dad watching all of The Creation Seminar Series.  I would bust out the encyclopedia and check out everything you said.  Finally, I paid attention to the last part of the video where you talked about salvation by grace.  I had never heard of anything like that in my life.  I was confused, so Jordan’s father explained it to me in more detail.  Bam!  I wholeheartedly threw myself to God and was saved the moment I comprehended it.  I excitedly threw all my smokes away, quit drinking, and got a Bible.

I started copying these creation seminars over and over and over and I gave them to everyone I knew.  Shortly after I was brought into the Kingdom of God, my sister and her husband came aboard.  Your seminars removed all the stumbling blocks that had held them back their whole lives.  Then my little brother came aboard.  Honestly, if you would have known us, you would’ve been shocked that we could ever be converted.  My family is all pretty much gypsies.  Long hair, earrings, tattoos, cussing, chain-smoking, drinking, black leather, and yet strangely cleave vehemently to the Catholic faith, defending Rome to the last dying breath.  Amazing how the real truth can melt that all away! And yes, Jordan, my best friend became my wife!

In 2008, Jordan and I agreed I more education.  I had always wanted to be a Paleontologist since I was a little kid, and especially after learning everything from your stuff.  We sold our home and moved to North Dakota so I could attend the University there.  For the last four and a half years, I have been at the top of the class with almost a perfect 4.0 GPA.  Next I will finish grad school.

With my current education, I have been working as a consultant for the big horizontal drilling companies in the recent ND oil boom.  I work as a well-site geologist and I do all the correlation of the formations and advise the directional team in their geo-steering operations.  I’m telling you, the flood really happened! We find stuff all the time, 1.5 miles straight down that is not supposed to be there.  I have seen first-hand, how the mud logs are changed to suit the info in the textbooks, just to keep things running smoothly.

Last year, my father and mother finally came into the fold and it was again your seminars that broke up the ground so the seeds could have a chance! I am so grateful that you had the bravery to follow the light you were given.  You have transformed the lives of everyone that is important to me.  If it were not for your labors, I would not have my beautiful wife and in fact would probably be dead behind a dumpster; my little brother would be lost; my sister and her husband would be happy in the ways of the world, and all the countless people I have been able to reach thus far would still be lost as well.  Uncles, cousins, friends, and many, many others have all been brought into the kingdom because of this work.

I got your contact info from a YouTube page.  There is so much more I want to say and share, but I will leave it here for now.  When I am finished with my schooling, maybe I can be of some kind of help to your ministry.

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Your Little Brother in Christ
- Matthew, Ex-Soldier Loves the Creation Seminar

A dear 74 year old saint of God, James, went home to Heaven in July.  James watched some of our resources, and as a result, he trusted Christ as Savior.  James was a janitor at a church.  In his will, he named Creation Today as one of eight ministries to which he wanted his earthly belongings to go.  How humbling it was to speak to his sister who called us to say that it wouldn’t be a lot of money, but that it was very important to her brother Jimmy that this donation be completed to Creation Today.  Praise the Lord!  Jimmy finished his race and is now with Jesus!

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- Virginia

I’ve been a Christian for a long time now… And I’ve gotten stuck in a rut.  But thanks to The Creation Today Show & the creation training package, I have a renewed faith in God and I’m on fire like never before.

Testimonials - Back on Track
Back on Track
- Patty, Art Director Loves the Creation Today Show

First I would like to say, I love you.  I would also like to say, a BIG thank you to you.  A few days ago, I prayed to the Lord to get my faith back.  I found your site while searching for a site to help me understand the Bible.  I love your seminar videos.  You triggered a big change in my mind.  Thank you for your help with my quest to regain my faith!!  You put one BIG brick back in my faith-wall where it belongs!

We continue to listen to your creation videos and give them away as the Lord leads.  It must be exciting knowing that your ministry continues to open blinded eyes.  For us, it played a huge role in opening my husband’s eyes.  Thank you!!

Testimonials - Jessica
- Jessica Loves the Creation Today Show

I have been wanting to participate in the 1 of 5K since I saw it, but I have procrastinated — until today. I was reading an article about the common factors that keep youth in church. Below the article, a girl posted a comment saying she left the church because of evolution and the silly non-scientific belief of creationism. Her comment really made me sad that she was not equipped with the intellectual arguments that you provide.

While I realize that she is probably afraid of being ridiculed, maybe if she had been given your resources, that knowledge would have prevented her from leaving the church and enabled her to grow into a more trusting relationship with God and His Word.

I am so proud of what God has done through you in your ministry. I am ready to be 1 of 5000!

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- Robert Loves 1 of 5000!

I’ve lived a terrible life.  When I finally stopped, your videos were the first thing I was shown.  I turned to the Lord.  My kids love them.  I show them to everybody I get a chance.

A word of big thanks to you all in equipping me with the tools to defend the faith.  I work for the National Museum of Natural History in Pretoria South Africa which is at the forefront of paleontological evolution in the world.

I grew up as a roman catholic believing God used evolution over millions of years.  I never new about creation.  I never knew how to defend the faith when being told that evolution is fact by colleagues of whom are degree professionals, postgraduates, Dr.’s and Professors etc.  This left me feeling helpless and doubting my belief in God.  Then a dear brother introduced me to your ministry and I trusted Christ as Savior!

I started watching The Creation Today Show 30 minute podcasts.  They answer and explain the questions in such away even I can understand.  I give God all the glory for brothers like you who are fearlessly taking a stand for Christ and the Bible!

Live Events
The National Museum of Natural History in Pretoria South Africa
- Kevin Loves the Creation Today Show

I was raised in a biker/hippie home.  Drugs, alcohol, drug deals, molestation, and abandonment made up my childhood.  I hated God and considered him a cruel game player.  In fact, I drilled a hole in the bottom of a cross and wore it inverted for years.  I started a very successful heavy metal band, promoting drug use, self-reliance, and promiscuity.  Finally, I tried to kill myself with an overdose.  Instead, I got the best high that I’d had in years.  I finally realized what a loser I was and went to a Christian rehab.

I had herniated a disc, L-5, and pinched my S-1 nerve.  I watched The Creation Seminar five times in a row lying flat on my back.  Wow, Jesus!  The fog cleared and my old lead singer that had gotten saved, led me in a sinner’s prayer.

Many of my drug buddies and satanic metal fans have been greatly influenced by my explanation of creation versus evolution, fossils, strata, and dinosaurs.  Three of them have come to Christ thanks to your faithfulness to produce these videos!

. . .If someone woulda told me that I’d go from Heroin dealer to youth leader in a 10-year span, I’d have told them they were a complete wing nut.  I’ve been showing bits of your seminar to the youth group and they’re stoked about it!  Thank you for honoring your calling!

Testimonials - Goldberg
- Neil, Youth Leader Loves the Creation Today Show


11 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Wyatt October 11, 2014 at 11:00 am #

    Hey I have just watched Kent Hovind’s college seminars and now I am watching the Creation Today show and Ken Ham’s material, as I watch them I felt like I can defend my faith more. I started studying the Creation vs Evolution topic when I saw Ken Ham debate Bill Nye (a person who was watched in my science class when I heard about the debate from my pastor) later I stumbled upon Kent Hovind’s “why evolution is so stupid” video and found out that he had made other videos that answered most of the questions asked by Bill during the debate. God be thanked for this ministry.

  2. vkovynev October 31, 2014 at 10:45 am #

    I just wanted to quickly thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ! Without the help of Kent’s seminars, debates, etc. I doubt that I would be alive (in both the spiritual and physical sense) given the life I was living and direction I was taking.

    May God bless you and your ministry and I will continue spreading the Word and information about this vital ministry.


    Vadim Kovynev

  3. kevin November 3, 2014 at 9:31 pm #

    I have listened to many many hours of Kent Hovind both his debates, and the seminars. I am in the depths of the science world, and never believed evolution but I also felt I wasn’t qualified to give an opinion against it until I heard him. I researched everything Kent said to make sure the evidence existed in sufficient strength to have an impact, and to my satisfaction I can see he did his homework.

    Since then he inspired me to hear more and more Creationists views and has given me the confidence to dive into more and more in-depth subjects such as Aleph-Tav and Mary Schweitzer on soft tissue found in Dinosaur bones. And I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kent’s is correct.

    As I listened and read on all these subjects, I realized I could hear Kent Hovind’s words echoed in the people making their case, I could tell they listened and were inspired by his seminars.

    I also noticed that if a creation debunker or evolutionist attempted to refute creationism they either directly named Kent or you could tell their list was the same arguments from Kent’s seminar’s. You can tell they definitely listened are worried about your arguments. If they didn’t think you were a threat, they wouldn’t have worked so hard to create entire websites to refute you.

    Kent I want you to know, that you have indeed altered the course of the world for the better. You have inspired many. And all those thousands of hours you spent probably wondering if your work made any difference. I can see it in a very powerful way. And you did it as a voice shouting in the wilderness. You have put the enemy into overtime, and I can see their stranglehold unwinding, at least from this perspective. And as time goes by, your great work will continue to inspire and change the hearts of man. You have given them the tools and the confidence to break this great lie. Others may stand on your shoulders in time, but God never forgets. I pray that all is well for you in your time of need, just as as the enemy has as in times past, afflicted the apostles. Your work continues non-stop. I hope that in some small measure that there is some consolation in knowing you have changed my life, and I am sure there are thousands and thousands of others just like me, that found you quietly, silently, In my opinion, what you have done was the kindling needed for others to re-discover the infallible word of God.

  4. jeyakumarihz December 4, 2014 at 6:03 am #

    I am an Indian and a convert to Christianity. The Creation today show has certainly cleared all our doubts on creation and Genesis and is a boost to our confidence and faith in Lord Jesus. It also teaches us how to combat those who oppose creationists. My younger brother and I, both have become fans of the show. God bless each and every soul working through this org. Feeling thankful to God for giving an opportunity of watching such a blessed show. Praise be to God.

  5. raodonald December 30, 2014 at 8:45 am #


    Just watched yet another debate (Emery-Riddle U.) and I am truly humbled by Kent Hovind’s presentation. I went back to school to study bioinformatics, but other responsibilities have taken
    precedence. However, I no longer swallow modern science whole, but instead, challenge everything I am presented that veers away from the basic principles I have been taught in science. I will do my part to keep the “authorities” from promoting their many unproven assumptions.

  6. carstoniandus January 5, 2015 at 6:38 pm #

    I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (I’m a Mormon), and this has been very useful and insightful! As a fellow Christian, I can say that the Lord sent Kent to earth when He did fur a reason, and that this was Kent’s preordained mission in Heaven! Bless him and his family for their great and hard work(s)! James 2:17

  7. dj_george February 2, 2015 at 2:13 pm #

    Hi God bless you all i bought two books from yours store and they arrive in less time that i expected kudos for the creation staff, i’m glad i found this page because now i can learn about evolution, why is a lie and the true of creation and hes facts . Thanks for your dedication to the world of GOD and all cristian around the world .

  8. James February 26, 2015 at 7:45 pm #

    Hello. Great information. I watched you guys today on Praise the Lord show. Awesome show. Eric made a powerful statement from Romans chapter 8. My wife and I really enjoyed the show. I ordered the dvd. Cant wait to watch it. I will be ordering more stuff from you in the future. Hope to make it out some day for the Tour. Thanks again. God Bless you all. James

  9. Randy March 2, 2015 at 8:52 pm #

    I recently had a spiritual awaking and this site has helped so much. I love the videos and the debates that are on you tube as well, God Bless this man for enlightening people about the evolution theory or as he puts it “religion”. Guess I just wanted to know if any one else has noticed this time line.

    God created the earth 6000 years ago.
    God flooded the earth 2000 years later
    God sent his only son Jesus 2000 years later
    It is now approximately 2000 years again…..

    Does any one see a trend here?

  10. annAMaria August 8, 2015 at 9:45 am #

    I had the privilaige of attending the EXTREME APOLOGETICS course at the Creation Store in Pensacola, FL! It was fantastic! I learned allot! It was phenomenal!!!! I am SO glad I got to go!!!!! It was a blessing! I enjoyed it! Thank you CREATION TODAY!!!!!!

  11. guymichaels November 16, 2015 at 5:08 pm #

    My name is Guy Michaels and I am a Christian Entertainer / Speaker based in Gatlinburg Tennessee as well as Helen Georgia. Back in the 90’s I was an open water survival instructor at NAS Pensacola for Schools Command. This is where I was first exposed to Creation Science Evangelism / Kent Hovind and Dr. Dino.com.

    I said all of that to say this… The thing about the Bible, Christianity and Jesus is that the “message” that is delivered must be delivered to those who are ready to hear it. I was just listening to Eric on one of his videos say something to the effect that “the message of Christ / God is LOST on those who simply choose to deny the existence of God!” i say AMEN to that Eric. Ive been saying that for years.

    I also speak about the evidence of God being all around us, however unlike a lot out there, I start my message off by saying “It is not my job to CONVINCE you of anything!” “I am simply stating what works for me!”

    I am sad to say that in my opinion the worst damage to Christianity has been done by Christians!! Why? Because somewhere along the way we took Jesus’s commission to “Go into all the world and make deciples” as the authority to judge, condemn, forcibly convert and to scorn EVERYONE who doesn’t feel the way we do.

    Much like atheism does to Christianity today, by getting angry, insulting and scornful at anyone who believes in something more, we do the same to those who do not believe. No wonder the majority of the lost think we are a bunch of hypocrites.

    The only reason I am writing to you now is because I saw a guy on your site advertising the 3D movie that is coming out on your site soon. He said what Ive been saying all my life. Not in these words but his message was this…

    “If you are not ready to hear the message about Jesus, God, Salvation, Heaven, Hell etc… NO AMOUNT of harping and pounding will ever convince someone we are right!” BRAVO!! People say to me all the time.. “Man you are not like all the other Christian’s I’ve ever met!” I say thank you! They ask “Why is that?” I simply say this….

    “When Jesus Christ was on the ground and ministering to people, he did not go from town to town pointing his finger in people’s faces saying “Believe in me or your going to hell!” or “Believe in me or you are going to BURN you worthless sinner!” No… he said nothing of the sort!” I tell them… “In fact He said very little about himself UNTIL HE WAS ASKED!” I say… “You see we “Christians” have it all wrong, we forget that actions speak louder than words. Jesus did not draw people to him by his words, he drew people by his actions!. People thought “Man there is something about that guy… let’s go check him out!” “It was only then that they found out or heard anything about how he claimed to be.” I tell people who ask… “That is what makes me different. I do not mean to sound harsh or edgy in anyway but it is not my concern whether or not you believe me! I am not going to argue with you, debate you or try to convince you that I am right!” Why? “Because that is not my job… that is Jesus’s job.”

    Jesus stands at the door of our hearts and knocks. We are not going to hear it if we are not wanting to listen. To shove Christianity down peoples throats the way the “Church” has done has, in my opinion, done more harm to the Kingdom of God than good.

    When the person is ready to hear Jesus knocking, God will put us in his path and will present the opportunity for us to “make a disciple” out of him by sharing what God has done for us. If the person is not ready?? We might as well be the next “lunatic” standing on the street corner or “christian” protesting a funeral.

    I enjoy your fathers (Kent’s) work and I am enjoying yours as well.

    Hypnotically yours…


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