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Creation Today Tour of Creation Museum and Ark Encounter

Dear Friend,

Creation Today loves outreach, and two locations have made our outreach possibilities even more effective. As part of our outreach, we offer a personal guided tour to any Creation Museum or Ark Encounter visitors who are interested. Our sincere desire is to make your museum experience as informative, as beneficial, and as enjoyable as possible.


These tours are not sponsored by the Ark Encounter or the Creation Museum. Instead, they are ones that I lead personally. After living here for the last 9 years, I will say without a doubt that knowing the best time to visit, the best route to take through the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, the best way to avoid crowd congestion, and the general logistics of each facility are all factors that can contribute to the value of your museum experience. Answering questions about various exhibits and calling attention to certain details can also greatly enhance your visit.

I’ve already had the blessing of giving thousands of people a personal tour. Without exception, they all express how much they appreciate the individual attention and the added insights they gain.

Leading visitors through the museum enriches my life as well. First of all, I deeply treasure the truth that the museum proclaims. Hearing that truth over and over is so refreshing to my ears and soul. Secondly, the joy of seeing people in awe of God’s Word and majesty is so rewarding. Doing a small part to enhance that awe is a great privilege for me. Thirdly, I get to know museum visitors in a more personal way. Experiencing that kind of intimate fellowship is always a blessing.

Yes, providing museum tours has been especially satisfying. To see the reaction of awe has been inspiring, and to see the increasing of a boldness for the faith has been invigorating. I can assure you, that everyone is RICHLY BLESSED by a visit to the AIG Creation Museum and Ark Encounter.

So if you think a personal tour would fit into your plans, please contact me. I would appreciate the opportunity to add to your Creation Museum and Ark Encounter experience.

Please feel free to email us at or call 859-795-0769.

In His Love,

Frank Zitzman

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