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Jesus Christ—All Things Become New

In Christianity, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ serve as the cornerstones of the faith—the lifeblood of the Christian’s hope. To the faithful, Christ’s work is seen to bring forgiveness and salvation—making one right with God. Theologians call it “atonement.” Great eighteenth-century evangelist John Wesley spoke in no uncertain terms when he said, “Nothing […]

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It all depends on whose hands it’s in…

I recently read a poem that helped me to see the perspective of my life in the Creator’s hands. I hope it does the same for you. It’s comforting to remember that our refuge [a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble] is in God (see Ps 62:7). It All Depends […]

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New Year, New You

One of my favorite pastimes is standing at the ocean shore, watching the thundering breakers crash into the sand; or singing worship songs under a full moon that glimmers upon the vast waters of the sea. These times remind me of the majesty of my Creator. They put into perspective the awesomeness of God who […]

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