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Although celebrating the Resurrection may always seem like a joke to our skeptic friends, this year Easter Sunday actually falls on April Fool’s Day. I’m not kidding! However, to those of us who understand the importance of the Resurrection and how crucial it is to the Gospel message, the irony could not be more profound. After […]

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Have you heard the good news? Your orders are being shipped! Ready Set Go! Let's change the world! Producers Ralph Strean and Eric Hovind get a look at the new Genesis: Paradise Lost Blu-ray and DVD. Posted by Genesis Movie on Friday, March 2, 2018   After seven years dedicated to the production of the […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Centering In on Free Speech

   Center Line, Michigan — March 1, 2018. The federal court for the Eastern District of Michigan entered an agreed order and judgment today, prohibiting the City of Center Line from applying city ordinances to ban Michael Mattia from displaying pro-life signs with Christian messages on public city sidewalks. Mattia firmly believes that the unborn […]

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Was it the chicken or the egg? Since the time of Aristotle, philosophers, scientists, and school children have been baffled by the causality debate, wondering whether it was the chicken that came first; or the egg, which comes from a chicken. Ranging from hilarious to complicated, most answers to this question have failed to adequately explain […]

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Member of the Month


This month’s Creation “Spotlight” is on Rick McGough, Speaker & President of Local Church Apologetics. Rick & his wife Val moved to Moline, IL in 1982 to begin pastoring New Life Fellowship where they served for 34 years before stepping down in January of 2016 to pursue a full time ministry in the area of […]

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Give the Gift of Grandeur this Valentine’s Day!

What could be more romantic than roaming the wide open spaces and viewing gorgeous sunsets over one of the seven wonders of the world? This Valentine’s Day, surprise someone special with the trip of a lifetime! You keep talking about seeing the Grand Canyon and this really is the perfect opportunity. Can you imagine the […]

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Celebrate Intellectual Bravery

It’s February, and you know what that means; decadent chocolate, dainty hearts, dazzling jewelry . . . and Darwin Day! That’s right! Every year, on February 12th, an increasing number of individuals, organizations, schools, and even governments commemorate the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. But who was Charles Darwin and what are we celebrating? Charles […]

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You Can Conquer: Finding Freedom from Sexual Bondage

When my old elementary school was demolished, I was once again reminded of the devastating effects of pornography. As a fifth grader, exposed to a magazine in the bathroom of that very school, I had no idea then how destructive that path could be. Do you know what pornography does to a fifth grade boy? […]

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Member of the Month


This month’s “Spotlight” is on a member of our network who has quite a network of his own. As president of the Quad City Creation Science Association, Helmut Welke is not only a Creation Speaker, but one who organizes monthly meetings and various events for those on the central border of Iowa and Illinois. Helmut […]

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Why Do You Do What You Do?

It’s a legitimate question. Every morning you get up, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, and then walk out the door to punch a clock so you can work until it’s time to go back home. The next day, you get up and do it all over again. Why? […]

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Alien Intrusion Movie

Our friends over at CMI have produced a new film called Alien Intrusion which will be in theaters this Thursday Night for a One-Night-Only event. Why not make it a UFO night, a Unified Family Outing, and learn something interesting! For more information, check out www.alienintrusion.com. “Millions of people have seen UFOs and many even recall personal […]

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