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Evidence for a Young Universe

Galaxies If spiral galaxies were billions of years old, the arms extending from their centers would have completely closed, causing the galaxies to lose their unique spiral shape. Red Giants Evolutionists teach that red giant stars change into white dwarf stars over millions of years; yet Sirius is an example of a red star becoming [...]

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Evidence from Space of a Young Earth

There are a number of factors from space that limit the age of the universe or earth to within a few thousand years. Though it cannot be scientifically proven exactly when the universe was created, its age can be shown to NOT be billions of years. The shrinking sun limits the earth-sun relationship to fewer [...]

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Is God getting old?

This is an interesting question that reflects a common human tendency. People often try to put our human limitations on God. The God of the Bible does not have our limitations. It is difficult to comprehend God as not being affected by time, space, or matter like we are. There is a story that may [...]

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