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How did Noah take care of all those animals on the ark?

It is reasonable to assume that all types of animals on the Ark were young animals because they would weigh less, eat less, and sleep more. Many animals become dormant, lethargic or even hibernate during stormy weather. Also, after the Flood, they would live longer to produce more offspring. No one knows for sure how […]

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How did the fresh-water fish survive the Flood?

This question assumes the oceans were salt water during the Flood like they are today. Many creationists believe the entire world was largely fresh water. Today about 30% of the rain water washes into the oceans, bringing mineral salts with it. The oceans are getting saltier every day. Today’s oceans are about 3.6% salt. Between […]

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Where did the water come from to flood the earth?

A popular question many ask is, “It would take 4.4 billion cubic kilometers of water to cover Mt. Everest. Where did the water come from to flood the earth?” This question assumes that the pre-Flood world was like the world is today. It would only take one inch of water to cover Mt. Everest if […]

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