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PRESS RELEASE: Playing Favorites

Anchorage, Alaska — January 4, 2018. Today, the Center for Religious Expression (CRE) filed a federal lawsuit against the Municipality of Anchorage, challenging an unconstitutional ban on David Grisham and stepdaughter Tina Watson from peacefully sharing their Christian faith in California Creek Park during the Girdwood Forest Fair. On July 8, 2017, Grisham and Watson […]

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This time of year is famous for its resolutions. Everyone seems to be making them. Even those who resolve NOT to make any resolutions are ironically still managing to do so. What is it about a new year that inspires us to put the past behind and march resolutely into the future? And is it […]

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As the church celebrates the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation and the far-reaching impact it made, we are delighted to also celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Creation Today. Knowing that each generation of believers has their own set of challenges, specific to the culture in which they live, we continue to stand with the […]

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Pearly gates of heaven opening to a high altitude sunrise between two layers of clouds in a landscape orientation

Martin Luther and the Gates of Paradise

As the month of October draws to a close, Protestant Churches around the globe are eagerly preparing for the quincentennial celebration of the Reformation. Five hundred years ago, everything changed when a young monk named Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenburg, Germany. But what was it […]

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Member of the Month


JULY 2017 – Jay Seegert and The Starting Point Project Raised in a strong Christian home, Jay Seegert accepted Christ as Savior while still in grade school. He graduated in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics (UW-Whitewater) and an Associates of Science degree in Engineering Technology (John Brown University). While attending UW-Whitewater […]

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Ken Ham Full Interview

Full Interview with Ken Ham

At this year’s Answers for Pastors Conference, Eric and Ben caught up with  Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis, to hear his hopes for the outcome of the conference. In this laid back interview, Ken Ham spoke to the  need of the church not only for revival but for a new reformation. If the […]

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Atheists Want Pure but Poor Education

About one third of all state-funded primary schools in England are so-called “Faith Schools”. Such schools are sponsored by faith-based organizations, which would be mostly Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist, and Jewish, with a small number of Muslim or Evangelical institutions. Atheists in Britain object to these schools. The British Humanist Association is currently […]

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Please Let Us Go to the Zoo, Dr Roberts!

Dr. Alice Roberts is Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham[1]. That’s Birmingham, England. This is a post similar to that once held at the University of Oxford by fundamentalist atheist Richard Dawkins. Like Dawkins, the chair appears to have been specially created for her, as Roberts has for a number […]

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Paley’s Natural Theology

William Paley’s book, Natural Theology, is a work of monumental importance.[1] It has been hugely influential in the field of natural sciences – especially Biology – even though the majority of people have never heard of it. Published in 1802, it purports to give “evidences of the existence and attributes of the Deity”. In Paley’s […]

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Driving to New Jersey!

July 11, 2013 Driving to New Jersey! It sounds a little crazy, but we are driving from Pensacola Florida all the way to New Jersey! Last month, Paul Taylor had the opportunity to be a speaker at Ohio Fire, an outreach to street evangelists that enjoy proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ using open air […]

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