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Unshakable LIVE in Pensacola, FL

Is your faith UNSHAKABLE? As many of you know, we have been working on our 2-year online apologetics course for several years. Now it is a reality! As this tremendous opportunity moves forward, I am so excited to offer the first semester sessions LIVE here in Pensacola for 12 weeks beginning September 1st through November […]

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I Can’t Decide, I Need Your Help.

Many of you may already know that we have been working hard on a brand new online curriculum that we want every student in the world to take before their very first year of college. It is called UnshakableFaith.com and has been in development in the classroom over the past decade. We have been blown […]

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atheist delusion

Is Atheism Just a Delusion?

Wow! Ray Comfort did it again! I am blown away by the quality and content of his latest film, “The Atheist Delusion.” This riveting film explores the mindset behind atheism and the root cause for rejecting the God of the Bible. As one who frequently converses with atheists, I have discovered that trying to prove […]

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How To Protest An Atheist Protest

Creation Today was invited to the opening of the Ark Encounter this past week to engage a small group of Atheists as they protested outside the new Kentucky attraction. The Tri-State Freethinkers had planned a day of protest to show their contempt over the massive themed attraction. When they shared the reasons for their protest […]

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Protesting a Protest

I can’t believe this is even necessary. It came to our attention that a group of atheists is planning on protesting the very existence of the brand new Ark Encounter and is using the grand opening as a platform to disseminate false information about the Ark Encounter, our Freedom of Religion, and Separation of Church […]

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Go Visit Creation

Thinking of You! We launched Visit Creation with you in mind! You have worked all year and you want to go somewhere with the family to have a good time and bond together. Yep, we get you! As someone who is passionate about teaching the next generation the truth about God and the truth about His […]

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