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Evangelism Day is Coming!!! Stock Up Now!!!

National Evangelism Day

Every year there is a day people think it is normal to talk to strangers. They are actually people who live right across the street and are suppose to be called neighbors but I digress. This is the day that kids come to your home asking you to give them something. I call it Tract or Treating! After you give them their fair share of sugar, pop in a tract so that they can hear the Gospel!

You can even do reverse Tract or Treating and have your kids give a tract to every neighbor!!! They don’t even have to dress up! Well, they have to wear cloths… unless they are being Adam or….. never mind.  Here are a few tracts that we carry in the Creation Store that you still have time to get before Halloween… AKA.. Evangelism Day!

We want to thank the team at Living Waters for their continued brilliance in producing these resources.

Hey Hovind, I am NOT religious…

BTW: If you’re not religious don’t worry, we sell Atheist Tracts as well!

Atheist Meme
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