End of Year

How do you explain “varve,” the formation of fine strata layers?

Some believe that the formation of fine strata layers, such as those in the Green River formation in Wyoming (which contains 20 million fine layers which represent one year each), proves the earth is more than 6,000 years old.

Like many questions posed by evolutionists, this also has a built-in faulty assumption. This question assumes that each of these layers is annual, and this is, obviously, not the case.

Numerous experiments have been done on the formation. You can take a section of Green River formation and grind it to powder, drop it into moving water and it will resort itself into many fine layers. It has been shown that the layers are not annual at all. There are places in this formation where over 1,500 layers are found in some areas and only 1,000 in others, all between the same two ash layers called “event horizons.”1

  1. Creation Magazine June-Aug. 1997; Institute for Creation Research, www.icr.org


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