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New Reptile Fossil Stuns Evolution Paradigm

New fossil discovery in China stuns Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution acting through “slight successive changes.” An international team led by geologist Ryosuke Motani from the University of California at Davis published a paper in PLOS journal earlier this month on new evidence that foils previous evolution paradigms. Bordering on the Yangtze River in the eastern China just north of Chaohu City, Motani’s team discovered […]

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Why Teaching Creation is Essential – Season 3 Episode 22

“Paradise created. Paradise lost. Paradise restored. And it all points to Jesus.” That is special guest, Mike Riddle’s summary of the Bible’s message. Eric and Paul discuss with Mike the foundational importance of Genesis and how to look for misleading phrases found in popular science articles and school textbooks. Unveil these errors as Mike references […]

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Ham vs Nye Debate Live Stream FREE

Our friends over at Answers in Genesis have just announced that they will be making a live stream of the Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate available for FREE. Here is an excerpt from one of Ken’s blogs. The February 4 debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham at the Creation Museum has generated tremendous interest across […]

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Creation In The 21st Century is Back!

Pilot Episode Airs Today (January 8, 2014) at 11:00 AM CST I am so proud of the work that David Rives Ministry has done over the past few years in teaching people that “The Heavens Declare The Glory of God.” I have had the privilege of knowing David for many years and seeing him start […]

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American Atheist Admit They Know Nothing

How hard is it to win a debate against someone who says they don’t know anything? [<a href=”//storify.com/erichovind/american-atheists-confession” target=”_blank”>View the story “American Atheists Confession” on Storify</a>]   I pray that this conversation was a blessing to you and that Christians will be encouraged in their faith. Unbelievers, I pray that the Holy Spirit will open […]

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Which One Is the Science Guy?

It will not have escaped your notice that our friends at Answers in Genesis are hosting a debate between Ken Ham, President and CEO of Answers in Genesis, and Bill Nye, known for his former children’s TV program, “Bill Nye the Science Guy”. We commend Ken and AiG for getting the agreement for this debate, […]

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Q&A: New Information in DNA?

Q Hi Creation Team God bless you guys in your ministry efforts. I love science but I am not a scientist, so I only grasp the basics. I have read up on this question on Answers in Genesis website but still need clarity on this issue. I watched this clip put out by an evolutionist […]

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