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Do Creation Scientists Have the Answers? – Season 3 Episode 5

This show features interviews with Dr. Georgia Purdom, molecular geneticist from Answer in Genesis, and Dr. Andrew Fabich, microbiologist from Liberty University, both keynote speakers at the recent Answers in Genesis Mega Conference. Each of their scientific fields yields a treasure chest of documentation substantiating that God’s Word is literally true and scientifically accurate. What [...]

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Watch Evolution vs God FREE!

Evolution vs God is now available absolutely FREE on YouTube. Watch Below. Creation Today and the Creation Store have partnered with Way of the Master and Living Waters to bring you Evolution vs God. We are thankful for this resource and pray that it will help impact the lives of millions with the Gospel. Evolutionists want [...]

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The Commandments and the Atheist Monument – Part 1

The first of a short series of articles about the text on the Atheist Monument, Starke, FL On Saturday, June 29th 2013, David Silverman, president of American Atheists, unveiled a monument to atheism outside the courthouse at Starke, Florida. The monument, in the form of a stone bench, is adorned with quotes purporting to support [...]

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Update: Taping at TBN Network!

Recording for the Exciting New TBN Network Show with David Rives Creation in the 21st Century  August 2, 2013 Today, Paul Taylor and I had the pleasure of joining David Rives at the TBN Studio in Dallas, Texas. Creation speaker Dr. Carl Baugh, long-time host of Creation in the 21st Century, has handed down the [...]

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The Tower of Babel Season 3 – Episode 4

Where did all the people groups come from? Today’s show is about “The Tower of Babel” and the effect of that event in history. Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor once again interview Answers in Genesis speaker, writer and researcher Bodie Hodge, who has written a book entitled “The Tower of Babel”  

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Mega Conference – Stupendous!

AiG Mega Conference – Stupendous! We spent the last week at the Answers in Genesis Mega Conference. Wow! What an opportunity to sit under the teaching of creation scientists that are out there in the field, doing the work, doing the research, and bringing it home to us. Their reports outrageously reconfirm that creation brings [...]

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