Creation Today | Impacting Our World with the Creation Message - Part 18

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Is Genesis History DVD?



Largest Photograph Ever Taken

On January 5, 2015 NASA released the largest photograph ever taken. It is a stunning 1.5 billion pixel image that takes up more than 4.3 GB of hard drive space. Youtuber daveachuck put this video together to help you appreciate the size of this image and of this universe. This image comes at a crucial […]

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Is This What Creation Looked Like?

Wretched Radio aired this great clip and asked the question, “Is this what creation looked like?” Post by Wretched. Creation Today would like to say thank you to Todd Friel and Wretched for letting people know about this amazing project. We are thrilled to see many people rallying around the Genesis Movie. Please keep us […]

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Bible Critic Says Jesus Existed

Bart Ehrman is not an advocate for Christianity or the Bible. Just listen to what Steve Ham and Tim Chaffey say about Bart Ehrman in this podcast from January 5, 2015 and this podcast from January 12, 2015. Below is what this skeptic of Christianity said in relation to the existence of Jesus Christ. It […]

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Evidence Bible: “I LOVE IT”

Thankful for men like Ray Comfort who stand up to boldly proclaim the truth of Christ to the world. I have 3 different copies of the Evidence Bible. I carry this one with me when I travel and preach. The notes in here are great at equipping you to share your faith. I highly encourage […]

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How to take a Survey

The other day I was asked to take a survey over the phone. I spent 10 minutes on the phone with Amanda and when her survey was over I asked her if I could give her a survey. I then used the opportunity to ask a few questions that exposed her need for the Savior […]

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