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Genesis 3D Sneak Peek

Genesis Movie Updates We are so excited to catch you up on what has been going on in the Genesis 3D production since we released the behind-the-scenes video of our film shoot. Update includes: First 3D Preview Behind the Scenes “Look out for T-Rex” Film Score Computing Stats Behind the Scenes “Having a WHALE of […]

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Blind Cavefish: Evolution or Design

For years, people have used the blind cavefish as evidence of Darwinian evolution. Does this even make sense? Going from a fish with eyes to a fish without eyes is the exact opposite of Darwinian evolution. No, blind cavefish do not display evolution; but rather, they radically display God’s handiwork  and the whole world can see it! […]

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The Greatest Event In History

What event is greater than the creation of the world? What event is more amazing than Jesus walking on water or raising Lazarus from the dead? What event is the most important, life-changing, and exciting event in History? By far, it is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I just finished reading a portion of Tim […]

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Grand Canyon-Evidence of the Flood – Season 3 Episode 25

In this exciting episode, Eric Hovind and Ben Schettler share the truth and supporting evidence of the Flood. Eric even replicates a mini Grand Canyon to demonstrate it! Ben’s “apology” gives a deeper understanding into evolutionist’s problem — the origin of life — a behemoth problem that evolutionists cannot answer! With a “Christian movie” hype […]

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Borrowing Ray Comfort’s Ban Hammer

I didn’t expect this disrespectful outrage from Atheists. Sunday night, while doing homework for a class I am taking at Southern California Seminary, I was reading a section of Charles Swindoll’s book, Insights on Romans. Delving into Romans chapter 9, we discover God’s sovereign right to make vessels for honor and vessels for dishonor. There is no question from […]

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Atheists Discuss: Did Jesus Exist

Last night, I listened for about an hour to a group of atheists discussing the question, “Did Jesus exist?” I must admit, I was rather appalled by their overwhelming ignorance on the truth of the Gospels and of Jesus himself. The gentleman leading the discussion claimed that three of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, […]

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Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Tonight, April 14, 2014, North and South America will have the opportunity to experience a total Lunar Eclipse. While the “whole world” won’t get to experience this awesome astronomical phenomenon because of the timing of the eclipses, those of us on this side of the globe will want to lose a little bit of sleep […]

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Why Creation Matters – Season 3 Episode 24

Eric Hovind and Ben Schettler along with guest Mark Spence discuss just how far-reaching the foundational understanding of creation, or the lack thereof, impacts a culture’s choices—literally one of life or death! Discover how interpreting Scripture in its proper context is key to understanding truth. Then if all goes well, watch their science experiment go […]

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