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Risen: Without a Doubt, by Tim Chaffey and Eric Hovind



Is Transgenderism a Psychotic Mental Disorder?

HYPOCRISY ALERT! By Pastor Carl Gallups May 15, 2016 WEB-MD steps all over itself in order to “protect” Transgenderism, but winds up (unintentionally) defining it as a “Psychotic mental disorder!” It seems the godless Left just can’t help themselves. Professing to be wise – they continue to be exposed as fools. In light of Obama’s […]

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Did an Asteroid Kill the Dinosaurs? – Season 5 Episode 13

Does the mass extinction seen in the rock layers indicate multiple catastrophes or only one? In Season 5’s last episode, geologist Patrick Nurre reveals how different worldviews influence interpretations of the fossil record. Does Noah’s Flood have anything to do with the rock layers? Hear the fact-filled discussion and decide for yourself! Extended Interview with […]

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Is the Earth Old? – Season 5 Episode 12

Eric and Marianne expound on the origins of Old-Earth Creationism with Dr. Marcus Ross, Geology Professor at Liberty University. Together they share an abundance of scientific support to defend the Bible’s authority regarding Earth’s true age. Don’t miss Ben and Eric demonstrating how sin’s effects on our society are reflected in the inertia experiment! Extended […]

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Can Art Convict the Heart? – Season 5 Episode 11

Can God use someone’s feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or love to bring them closer to Himself? Dr. Holly Ordway, professor at Houston Baptist University, joins Eric and Marianne to explore how the arts can be used to convey God’s truths to unbelievers, appealing to their minds and their hearts! Extended Interview with Dr. […]

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What Caused the Ice Age? – Season 5 Episode 10

Could the flood of Noah’s day have caused a global ice age, or is there a better scientific explanation? Marianne travels to Washington to find out from climatologist Dr. Larry Vardiman and discovers that secular science, once again, falls short! Extended Interview with Dr. Larry Vardiman Don’t miss this intriguing information as Marianne and Dr. […]

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Genesis Movie Milestone Update

I think you’re going to love this update! The Genesis Movie Team is clinging to Galatians 6:9 right now! “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Thank you again for your interest in the Genesis Movie. The hard work and passion that has […]

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Do All Religions Lead to God? – Season 5 Episode 9

Eric and Marianne vividly illustrate how the incompatibility of religions prevents them from all leading to the same God. Find out which road transports to the all-powerful Creator God of the Bible as Michael Boehm of Youth Apologetics Training joins Eric in mapping out the one path leading to eternal life in Heaven! Extended Interview […]

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