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Creation Today with John Mackay (Transcript)

This is a rush transcript from the “Creation Today Show,” released July 28, 2011. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. Overview Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor welcome special guest, John MacKay, for the July 28, 2011 episode. John is the International Director of Creation Research. A native of […]

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Mount St. Helens—A model of the Grand Canyon

Q: Could the Mount St. Helens eruption be a model of how the Grand Canyon was formed? In 1980 the Mount St. Helens volcano blew lots of mud and debris into a valley and completely blocked the Toutle River. Twenty-two months later the lake that had built up behind the mud dam got too full […]

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Fossils are Gospel tracts from Noah’s Flood

Joshua made a memorial by the banks of the River Jordan. The memorial was made of twelve stones—one for each of the twelve tribes. The stones were taken from the dried bed of the river. God had created a dry way for the people to cross the flooding river. So the memorial was in place […]

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Rapid Cave Formation

Although most people believe that cave formations need millions of years to develop, stalactites and stalagmites grow rather quickly. Stalactites, recognized because they “stick tight” to the ceiling of most limestone caves, are deposits of calcium carbonate formed by the dripping of mineralized solutions. As the mineral deposits build up on the cave floor, stalagmites […]

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How did Noah take care of all those animals on the ark?

It is reasonable to assume that all types of animals on the Ark were young animals because they would weigh less, eat less, and sleep more. Many animals become dormant, lethargic or even hibernate during stormy weather. Also, after the Flood, they would live longer to produce more offspring. No one knows for sure how […]

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