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Why Do You Do What You Do?

It’s a legitimate question. Every morning you get up, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, and then walk out the door to punch a clock so you can work until it’s time to go back home. The next day, you get up and do it all over again. Why? […]

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Alien Intrusion Movie

Our friends over at CMI have produced a new film called Alien Intrusion which will be in theaters this Thursday Night for a One-Night-Only event. Why not make it a UFO night, a Unified Family Outing, and learn something interesting! For more information, check out www.alienintrusion.com. “Millions of people have seen UFOs and many even recall personal […]

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PRESS RELEASE: Playing Favorites

Anchorage, Alaska — January 4, 2018. Today, the Center for Religious Expression (CRE) filed a federal lawsuit against the Municipality of Anchorage, challenging an unconstitutional ban on David Grisham and stepdaughter Tina Watson from peacefully sharing their Christian faith in California Creek Park during the Girdwood Forest Fair. On July 8, 2017, Grisham and Watson […]

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This time of year is famous for its resolutions. Everyone seems to be making them. Even those who resolve NOT to make any resolutions are ironically still managing to do so. What is it about a new year that inspires us to put the past behind and march resolutely into the future? And is it […]

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EMPOWER Your 2018

I hope you had an awesome Christmas and are looking forward to starting 2018 with a focus on new life through the resurrection . . . Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten that April is four months away! It’s just hard for me to separate my second most favorite time of year—celebrating the birth of our […]

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Genealogies in Matthew

The Genealogy of Jesus Christ with Steve Ham

Did Jesus Descend from Adam? Did the Old Testament predict Jesus Christ? Are there clues in the Bible that are staring us right in the face that we have missed? I recently had a conversation with Steve Ham, Pastor of Hyde Park Baptist Church, where he shared with me a fantastic truth that has been sitting […]

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Was the Christmas “Star” a “Star?”

Have you ever wondered what the star was that the Wise Men followed? Why did it seem to rise from the opposite direction of all the other stars? How could it hover over the house, the very home, where Jesus was when the wise men were trying to find him? Recently I came across an […]

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Merry Christmas from Creation Today

Merry Christmas from Creation Today

Christmas is my second most favorite time of the year! It’s true, and please don’t be offended. The only other time of year that is more special to me than the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, is the time we celebrate the victory of our Savior over sin and over death! As you reflect […]

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The Bible Comes to Life Like Never Before!

 GENESIS: PARADISE LOST BRINGS THE BIBLE TO LIFE . . . “Thank you so much Genesis Movie! What a powerful testimony about our Creator. I grew up in church hearing about Adam and Eve and the Creation, but to put on those 3D glasses and see the visual, as the word of God is read […]

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This month’s “Spotlight” is on Paul Abramson and 20 years of Creationism.org! Originally from the Northwest, Paul Abramson earned his B.S. in History from Portland State University. His studies of Scripture, history, science, and evidence all led him to leave his belief in theistic evolution, which rejects a literal reading of Genesis, and instead, to […]

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#GivingTuesday Launches Operation IMPACT ETERNITY! Let’s party! It’s our 10th Birthday and I want you to celebrate with us!!! Watch this video to celebrate all that God has done and catch a vision for the next 10 years of ministry! This #GivingTuesday we are launching Operation Impact Eternity. As we enter the holiday season it only […]

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The Genesis Trailer we ALMOST used. :-)

Hero Trailer: With the new movie Justice League coming out tomorrow and taking up many of the 3D screens around the country, we made a trailer that we ALMOST used but decided not to release! 🙂 See below, and if you like it, share it!!! We have been BLOWN AWAY by the responses we are getting […]

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