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The Battle for Kids’ Minds…and Hearts

I never dreamed that I would get a call to write an article in Answers Magazine, but it came! The current issue features an article that I wrote called “Victory Begins at Home”. It is the third in a three Article series discussing the “Battleground for Kids minds”. I got permission from Answers in Genesis […]

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Cross Encounters Radio

I was a guest on Cross Encounters Radio on Sunday February 17th 2013, being interviewed by presenter Tony Miano. The show can be heard and downloaded from the Cross Encounters site here. The discussion focused on the relationship between presupposition and evidence, and how Genesis can be used in evangelism.

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The Hebrew Yom: Taking One Day at a Time

Are the days of Genesis 1 actual 24-hour days? Or do they represent figurative periods of time, which could be interpreted as millions of years? It is popular among many conservative evangelical scholars today to suggest the latter position. However, the former position—that the days are literal 24-hour days—is the historic position that the church […]

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