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Eric Hovind and Thunderf00t at the Reason Rally Part 5

In the final segment of this interview with Thunderf00t, his argument really runs around in circles. The atheist worldview says that there are no absolutes, yet he uses the very word “absolute” many times. An atheist’s worldview is internally inconsistent and the only way to argue for his worldview is to abandon it by suggesting [...]

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Is the world ending in December 2012?

A lady came into the shop where I worked. I knew that her husband was a pastor. They both frequently visited our shop. Today, however, she had some fearful news. “Next year there will be a planetary alignment,” she began. “The planets [...]

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The Best of Creation Today Season One

Eric and Paul celebrate one year of The Creation Today Show by revisiting some of the most fascinating (and humorous) moments: Dating fossils with John Mackay; How to be a Christian on a secular campus; Making a 180 with Ray Comfort; Evidences of a worldwide flood, and more.

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Proclaiming Truth without Arrogance

If you are hoping that the title indicates that this is a “how-to” guide, then you will be mistaken. I am not qualified to explain how to speak or write without arrogance, because this is a constant battle for me. One answer that some people [...]

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