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Proclaiming Truth without Arrogance

If you are hoping that the title indicates that this is a “how-to” guide, then you will be mistaken. I am not qualified to explain how to speak or write without arrogance, because this is a constant battle for me. One answer that some people [...]

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Debating Atheism Version 1.0

Twitter Debates I got into a twitter conversation with an atheist named Alex a while back and found the conversation worth a read. Alex continues to try to push the conversation into the area of science and knowledge, yet had already admitted that he may be wrong about everything he thinks he knows.  If you [...]

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DEBATE ON MAY 21, 2012

Hosted At West Lafayette Library 208 W Columbia Street West Lafayette, IN 47906 Event Contact Details 317-346-0696 Meeting Times Join Eric Hovind for a debate with atheist Beth Purkhiser Monday, May 21 6:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM CST You can also watch the debate streaming online! It will be available here http://www.creationtoday.org/live-events/webcast/, and will [...]

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Eric Hovind and Thunderf00t at the Reason Rally Part 1

Reason Rally 2012 During the first ever Reason Rally in Washington D.C. more than 8,000 atheists from every denomination of humanism on the planet gathered to encourage each other by blaspheming the name of Jesus Christ. One of my very first interviews was with a YouTube personality named Thunderf00t. His youtube channel has more than [...]

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