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Ham and Hovind Get Sparks to Fly on TBN

This past weekend I had the opportunity to join Ray Comfort, Ken Ham, Sean McDowell, Hugh Ross, and John Bloom on TBN’s Praise the Lord program.  During the program Matt Crouch, the host, allowed us to debate Old Earth vs Young Earth Creation!  I remember sitting there and thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe that they [...]

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A Rainbow and a Covenant

Few things in creation are as beautiful or wonderful as a rainbow. It is a scientific phenomenon that can be expressed in terms of numbers associated with frequencies and wavelengths of light, and it is also an artistic object, enjoyed because of its beauty. The Science of the Rainbow The rainbow is based on some [...]

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Hosted By First Christian of Wauchula 1121 Louisiana Street Wauchula, FL 33873 Event Contact Details 863-773-9243 info@onefamilyonefocus.com http://www.onefamilyonefocus.com Meeting Times Join Eric Hovind at one of the following services: 10:45 AM 6:00 PM [mappress]

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No Time for Itching Ears: Three Point Scale of Doctrines

In this excerpt from my new book, No Time for Itching Ears, I want to explain the rationale between defining doctrines as primary, secondary and tertiary. I then make the case that the plain, historical reading of Genesis constitutes a primary doctrine.   Three Point Scale of Doctrines Defined I have not come across any [...]

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Marriage in the Bible

One of the remarkable features of the Bible is that it relates history as a narrative of what actually happened, whether or not these happenings are according to God’s Law. For example, King David was described as “a man after God’s own heart.” And when he had removed him, he raised up David to be [...]

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