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The Huge Body of Evidence

Prentice Hall’s High School Biology textbook contains the following quote: During his travels, Darwin made numerous observations and collected evidence that led him to propose a revolutionary hypothesis about the way life changes over time. That hypothesis, now supported by a huge body of evidence, has become the theory of evolution.[1] Hyperbolic comments, in other […]

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The Origin of Life, Part 1 – Season 3 Episode 9

Join Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor for the first episode of this four-part series on how life began. Did life originate in the primordial soup? Did all the right chemicals mysteriously combine and explode to create life? Evolutionists have a number of theories about how life began, and on this program Eric and Paul examine […]

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Natural Selection

The term “natural selection” is used to describe how one species might develop from another. God created the various kinds or baramins of creatures with a wide variety of genetic information. If a population of a creature with such a deep gene pool is placed in an environment that requires certain characteristics, for which the […]

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S.O.S. America Needs God – onomics!

The Problem: We as Americans are dying the slow death that a terminal cancer brings. This cancer that riddles America is causing people to lose hope. We continue to pump money into a broken system, causing shortness of breath as it zaps our oxygen sources. Our economic disaster continues to weaken our country as we […]

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It’s Happening Right Under Our Nose

The Day Before School Starts I found myself crying out to God on Sunday night knowing that a brand new season of indoctrination was about to start at 8:00 the next morning. The nation was about to begin a brand new school year. Now it’s 2:30 am and I find myself at a public school […]

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