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Protesting a Protest

I can’t believe this is even necessary. It came to our attention that a group of atheists is planning on protesting the very existence of the brand new Ark Encounter and is using the grand opening as a platform to disseminate false information about the Ark Encounter, our Freedom of Religion, and Separation of Church […]

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Go Visit Creation

Thinking of You! We launched Visit Creation with you in mind! You have worked all year and you want to go somewhere with the family to have a good time and bond together. Yep, we get you! As someone who is passionate about teaching the next generation the truth about God and the truth about His […]

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How I learned about Unshakable Three years ago I met Kevin Conover and discovered his ministry, Educate for Life. God knit our hearts together almost immediately with our passion to stop the tidal wave of students turning their backs on Christianity. I was blown away at Kevin’s curriculum he was developing for his students at San […]

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Penn Jillette Upset Over Video From Reason Rally

Sye Ten Bruggencate, a Presuppositional Apologist, was able to engage Penn Jillette, an outspoken champion of the atheist movement, at the recent Reason Rally in Washington, DC. Although the two only spoke for a few minutes, it exposed the problem with Penn Jillette’s worldview. The video was then posted online and Penn Jillette is not happy about […]

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REASON hits the Reason Rally 2016

I just booked my tickets to Washington, D.C. to join a group of amazing people who will be witnessing to the largest gathering of Atheists in the history of the world. How thoughtful of them to get together so that we can share with them the love of Christ all at one time!! *Thank you […]

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Is Transgenderism a Psychotic Mental Disorder?

HYPOCRISY ALERT! By Pastor Carl Gallups May 15, 2016 WEB-MD steps all over itself in order to “protect” Transgenderism, but winds up (unintentionally) defining it as a “Psychotic mental disorder!” It seems the godless Left just can’t help themselves. Professing to be wise – they continue to be exposed as fools. In light of Obama’s […]

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Did an Asteroid Kill the Dinosaurs? – Season 5 Episode 13

Does the mass extinction seen in the rock layers indicate multiple catastrophes or only one? In Season 5’s last episode, geologist Patrick Nurre reveals how different worldviews influence interpretations of the fossil record. Does Noah’s Flood have anything to do with the rock layers? Hear the fact-filled discussion and decide for yourself! Extended Interview with […]

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