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Fun and Exciting!

Are you looking for a unique and entertaining place for your family, Sunday School class, or Homeschooling group? Come to The Creation Store where you and your friends will learn how dinosaurs and the Bible meet. You will see dinosaur bones from an archeological dig, authentic Ica Stones, and learn lots of facts about dinosaurs and the Bible. But that’s not all: you will also have a chance to view a session from our Beginnings DVD for you and your friends to enjoy. Bring your friends, children, and spouse and let us help you learn from God’s Word, the true stories of creation! The Creation Store offers a treasure trove of apologetics-based resources also available online at www.creationstore.org.

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Make reservations now for your group tour! Feel free to come see the Science Room for yourself, or contact us by one of the following ways to schedule your tour:

Phone: 1-850-478-3466
Email: info@creationtoday.org


Join us starting June 6th for some FREE fun activities for the whole family every Friday morning from 10:30-11:30am.

June 6 – Story time and Craft
June 13 – Movie and Popcorn
June 20 – Science Lesson and Experiment
July 18 – Science Lesson and Experiment
July 25 – Story Time and Craft
August 1 – Movie and Popcorn
August 8 – Story Time and Craft
August 15 – Science Lesson and Experiment


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