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Fun & Freaky Science (Ages 7-9)


What happens when science and the Bible combine? An explosion of fun and spiritual growth! Your 7-to-9-year-olds will revel in experiments with everyday ingredients, like soda pop and vinegar, as they discover more about God's amazing creation. Each lesson is a hands-on exploration that answers children's what, why, and how questions as they uncover biblical truths. These fun and freaky Bible lessons give youngsters plenty to remember!

Paperback: 111 pages

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Kapow! Turn the classroom into a science lab!

What happens when science and the Bible are combined? Fun! Your second and third graders will revel in it as they experiment with everyday ingredients, from yeast and magnets to soda pop, and discover more about God’s amazing creation. Each ten-minute lesson offers a hands-on opportunity to explore the answers to children’s what, why, and how questions, as they uncover biblical truths too. These fun and freaky Bible lessons give them plenty to remember long after the experiment is completed!

A part of the Bible FunStuff series, Fun and Freaky Science has twenty-six creative activities that engage kids with fantastic Bible-focused, high-energy fun! This handy resource fits well with any curriculum and also can be used for stand-alone activities.

Paperback: 111 pages

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