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The Evidence of Things Not Seen

I like evidences. Evidences can build up the faith, if used correctly. They help us to confirm that, given our belief that the Bible is true, we can view the world successfully through biblical “glasses” and make sense of what we observe. Help — I’m losing my faith! I frequently get emails of the following […]

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“Proof” vs. “Persuasion”

Atheists ask for “proof” all the time; however, I don’t believe that is really what they want.  I believe that atheists really want to be “persuaded” more than anything else. The reason I believe this is outlined below. I have traveled for 13 years teaching on the subject of Creation vs. Evolution, presenting incredible “proof” […]

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“Illogical, Captain”

I always liked the way that Mr. Spock would issue a put-down to Captain Kirk in Star Trek by telling him that what he had just said was “illogical.” Unfortunately, very few people today seem to understand what logic is all about. Logic involves the progression of an argument through legitimate steps. It is very […]

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