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The “Fool” has said…

Truly the “fool” has said in his heart that there is no God. The following was posted by a self-proclaimed atheist named Rick. Once an unbeliever says this, the debate is over. They lost. Rick says, “I cannot know anything with 100% absolute certainty.” [That would include that statement!] I studied biology and chemistry in college, and […]

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Richard Dawkins: World’s Most Famous “Atheist?”

Richard Dawkins, heralded as the world’s most famous atheist, just denied being a full-blown atheist. In a conversation at Oxford University with Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams, Dawkins makes the claim that he does not consider himself to be an atheist, but instead an agnostic. Original Source This comes on the heels of a major […]

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John MacKay Debates Professor of Philosophy

Update from Down Under Just received an update from our friend down under, Creation speaker John McKay. He participated in a debate last night against atheist Dr. Dan Ryder, professor of philosophy, on the topic “be it resolved that the genetic and fossil evidence supports the evolution model and refutes the biblical creation model”. Ryder defended […]

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Richard Dawkins, the “Grinch”

A friend of mine, Larry Taunton, President of Fixed Point Foundation, wrote an article for USA Today on Richard Dawkins that I really enjoyed. His article was entitled, “The atheist who tried to steal Christmas”. This past Christmas Richard Dawkins was on the evangelism circuit again with a new 271-page book for young people entitled The […]

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