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No Creation in British Free Schools

New guidelines have been issued by the British Government on how monies given by the Department for Education should be spent only on schools that teach evolution in science lessons. These rules apply to the new so-called Free Schools, which are operated by individuals, co-operatives of parents, non-profit companies and religious organizations. Radical atheists have […]

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Don’t Tell the Children—the Ramblings of Bill Nye

Bill Nye the Science Guy has been pontificating on the subject of creationism. In a rambling two and a half minute YouTube hit, he said this: I say to the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and live in your world, in your world that’s completely inconsistent with everything we observe in the universe, […]

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South Korea Removes Evolution from Schools. Really?

Hyperbole from news media on the subject of evolution is nothing new. So, when reports started appearing in the secular media that South Korea was removing the teaching of evolution from schools, most creationists would have smelled a rat. Fortunately, our friends at Answers in Genesis had their ear to the ground on this issue, […]

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The Welcome Mat is Out!

This past Friday marked the first “official” event that we’ve had in our newly remodeled Creation Store. We’ve spent the last several weeks knocking down walls, painting, rearranging and setting up new displays so that we could have enough space to host fun events like this. The Baldwin County Homeschool Group spent the afternoon learning […]

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Hook, Line and Stinking Liar

A Date Night with PBS “I can’t believe she just said that.” Those are the words that came out of my wife’s mouth at the end of a PBS documentary on sharks. To be honest, I was surprised she even sat there and watched it with me. She typically leaves the Nova and Discovery Channel […]

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