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Evolutionists say, “No Fair”

Scientific Critique Not Fair The House of Representatives in the state of Tennessee has voted 70 to 23 for a bill that would allow students the freedom to scientifically critique modern scientifically held theories. Quoting from the Channel 9 website article, “Scientists opposing the proposal are concerned it will unfairly target evolution…” Now the bill [...]

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How to question evolution in class

A teenage boy recently asked a question from our Facebook page. My heart goes out to him with everything he is going through. Here is what he wrote: Hi my name is Eli and I have been watching you and your dad for about a year now, and just want to say you have made [...]

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Why do evolutionists get so defensive?

Q: Dr. Hovind, my teacher says no one can understand biology without first understanding evolution. She seems a little perturbed that I even dared to question evolution. Why did she get all defensive? A: This is a popular question. Evolution according to definitions one through five (see the six types of evolution) is a religion, [...]

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Are You Being Brainwashed By Your Science Textbook?

Brainwashing: Indoctrination into a new set of beliefs by use of force or deception. Evolution:Theory that has six stages. See Eric’s Creation Minute on the “Six Types of Evolution.” Science: Knowledge gained by observation, testing, and experimentation. I hate being lied to! After teaching high school science for fifteen years and speaking on the topic [...]

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Teaching Evolution: Indoctrination as Education

It’s back to school time, and do you know what your children are learning? Take a look through an elementary or middle school science textbook. How does it explain the creation? Evolution “education” is poisoning our society, beginning with our youth. Believe it: There is research that verifies this statement. Charts illustrating data collected by Educational Research Analysts [...]

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