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Evolutionists say, “No Fair”

Scientific Critique Not Fair The House of Representatives in the state of Tennessee has voted 70 to 23 for a bill that would allow students the freedom to scientifically critique modern scientifically held theories. Quoting from the Channel 9 website article, “Scientists opposing the proposal are concerned it will unfairly target evolution…” Now the bill […]

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How to question evolution in class

A teenage boy recently asked a question from our Facebook page. My heart goes out to him with everything he is going through. Here is what he wrote: Hi my name is Eli and I have been watching you and your dad for about a year now, and just want to say you have made […]

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Why do evolutionists get so defensive?

Q: Dr. Hovind, my teacher says no one can understand biology without first understanding evolution. She seems a little perturbed that I even dared to question evolution. Why did she get all defensive? A: This is a popular question. Evolution according to definitions one through five (see the six types of evolution) is a religion, […]

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Why would anyone want to brainwash students?

I’m often asked, “Why would textbook authors teach lies just to get someone to believe in the theory of evolution,” or some other version of the question. There may be many answers, but let me give you just a few that I’ve thought of. Some people believe in evolution and teach it to others because […]

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Are You Being Brainwashed By Your Science Textbook?

Brainwashing: Indoctrination into a new set of beliefs by use of force or deception. Evolution:Theory that has six stages. See Eric’s Creation Minute on the “Six Types of Evolution.” Science: Knowledge gained by observation, testing, and experimentation. I hate being lied to! After teaching high school science for fifteen years and speaking on the topic […]

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Help! I’m Learning the Big Bang In Class

Q: “Dr. Hovind, We just started the school year, and the first chapter deals with how the universe began ‘billions of years ago’ with the ‘big bang.’ The authors teach it like it is a fact and they saw it happen! What do I do?” Remember, you are not trying to attack evolution or get […]

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Teaching Evolution: Indoctrination as Education

It’s back to school time, and do you know what your children are learning? Take a look through an elementary or middle school science textbook. How does it explain the creation? Evolution “education” is poisoning our society, beginning with our youth. Believe it: There is research that verifies this statement. Charts illustrating data collected by Educational Research Analysts […]

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