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Vestigial structures and their purposes

Q: Biology textbooks say there are vestigial structures like…(a) human tail bones, (b) whale pelvis, (c) snake hind legs, (d) the appendix, and (e) gill slits on embryos. Are these really evolutionary leftovers? A: Not all textbooks cite the same vestigial structures, but let’s take a look at all of them together, and then analyze […]

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A cow with an extra leg

This photo from a modern Biology textbook shows a cow with an extra leg as an example of a mutation. This is nonsense! Cows already have the genetic info to make a leg Two questions: 1) Why didn’t it add new information? 2) Why didn’t the cow get a wing or a fin or gills? […]

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Was early Earth’s atmosphere different?

Q: Biology textbooks often say, “Billions of years ago the earth’s atmosphere was very different.” Is this true? A: No, this is not true, but let me explain why it is important to the evolution of life. Of the six meanings of the word, they are now dealing with number four (organic evolution). Getting life from chemicals is […]

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Evolution: Miracle of Miracles

Do you believe that Jesus walked on water? If so, you just might be a Christian. Do you believe that God created that water out of nothing? If so, then you just might be a creationist. Miracles and science Christian creationists have no problem with the concept of a Creator-God who can suspend the laws […]

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Oxymoron: “Evolutionary Thinking”

I have always gotten a kick out of oxymorons!  Webster defines oxymoron as “a combination of contradictory or incongruous words: something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements.” Words or phrases such as: Act naturally Found missing Resident alien Advanced basic Think out loud Genuine imitation Same difference Vegetarian meatball Almost exactly […]

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Survival of the Fittest?

Have You Heard the Tale of the “Birkenhead”? Evolutionism states that “The strong survive at the expense of the weak.” Yet take a look at this true story and evaluate for yourself the question of what is the right philosophy. The date was February 26, 1852. The British H.M. Troopship “Birkenhead” was en route to […]

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The Shifting Sands of Evolution

Has evolution been “evolving”? Modern science says “YES!” Since the birth of evolution theory in the 1800s, evolutionists have been struggling to find a mechanism that can actually cause evolution. Where has this journey taken them? Take a look for yourself and you will see that from the beginning, evolution has been evolving, and it […]

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Skeptics Society—Shame on you!

At first I thought it was a joke. Someone sent me a fund-raising pamphlet from the Skeptics Society titled “Top 10 Myths about Evolution.” The cover depicts the old cartoon of Darwin’s head on an ape’s body, and the subtitle is: How We Know it Really Happened. The booklet states that if I donate $5,000 or more […]

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