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A cow with an extra leg

This photo from a modern Biology textbook shows a cow with an extra leg as an example of a mutation. This is nonsense! Cows already have the genetic info to make a leg Two questions: 1) Why didn’t it add new information? 2) Why didn’t the cow get a wing or a fin or gills? [...]

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Evolution: Miracle of Miracles

Do you believe that Jesus walked on water? If so, you just might be a Christian. Do you believe that God created that water out of nothing? If so, then you just might be a creationist. Miracles and science Christian creationists have no problem with the concept of a Creator-God who can suspend the laws [...]

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Survival of the Fittest?

Have You Heard the Tale of the “Birkenhead”? Evolutionism states that “The strong survive at the expense of the weak.” Yet take a look at this true story and evaluate for yourself the question of what is the right philosophy. The date was [...]

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The Shifting Sands of Evolution

Has evolution been “evolving”? Modern science says “YES!” Since the birth of evolution theory in the 1800s, evolutionists have been struggling to find a mechanism that can actually cause evolution. Where has this journey taken them? Take a look for yourself and you will see that from the beginning, evolution has been evolving, and it [...]

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