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Biblical Flood Responsible for the Giant’s Causeway?

On August 8th 1588, the English Navy comprehensively defeated the famous Spanish Armada, thus ensuring that England remained a Protestant country, and securing the freedom to preach the Gospel, which is characteristic of the English-speaking world. Many of the fleeing ships of the Armada were driven by poor weather up the West coast of Ireland. […]

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Geological Wonder, the Giant’s Causeway, In the News

Recent news reports have suggested that the National Trust in Northern Ireland has repudiated traditional “millions-of-years” geology and converted their new Visitors’ Centre at the Giant’s Causeway to creationism.1 As is usual with such hype, nothing could be further from the truth. The Giant’s Causeway is one of the geological wonders of the world. Its […]

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Explaining the Flood without the Canopy

What I am about to suggest to you in this article may be argumentative to some while others will whole-heartily agree with my research.  Regardless of which position our personal opinions take, we must be careful to make a respectful difference between Scriptural truth and scientific models. The entire discussion of the canopy theory is […]

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