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The Ultimate Mission of Christ’s Ministry

Stories of deliverance pepper the gospels. In every instance when confronting an evil spirit, Jesus took authority, banished the evil, and set the individual free. In fact, while on earth, “exorcist” may have been His most noted title in the community. The writer of 1 John describes Christ’s ultimate mission: “The Son of God was […]

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Is the Bible True from Beginning to End? (Transcript)

This is a rush transcript from the “Creation Today Show,” released January 19, 2012. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. Overview Join in on this week’s episode of Creation Today, where hosts Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor discuss questions regarding contradictions in the Bible. Are there any, or […]

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Adam: Scriptural Truth versus Human Myth

The Bible teaches us that Adam was a real person. We have plenty of articles on that subject. Just so that there is no misunderstanding on this point, it is an essential part of the teaching of this ministry that Adam was a real person, who committed a real sin by eating a real fruit, […]

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Christmas Thoughts in Genesis

Who were Adam and Eve hiding from in Genesis 3? Well, obviously it was God. But let’s be a bit more specific. Was it perhaps one of the three persons of the Trinity? Download a FREE Bible study about the role of the Trinity in creation. The Trinity is implicit in the creation account of […]

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