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Was Noah's Flood Global or Local? S03E33

Was Noah’s Flood Global or Local? – Season 3 Episode 33

Eric and Ben test your knowledge on the biblical account of Noah’s Flood in this “sweet” episode. Meet Guests John Hergenrather and Marianne Pike from Creation Encounters who share riveting, game-changer flood evidence. Ultimately, let’s see which worldview “sinks” to the bottom and which worldview “floats” to come out on top! Extended Interview with John [...]

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PalTalk Online Discussion

Eric Hovind will be on Paltalk LIVE - on October 8th from 4:00 – 5:00 PM Central Time, in the Religion and Spirituality / Christianity section, Eric will be debating atheists in the room called: Respectful Dialogue N Debate Experiment.

Paltalk is an online voice and text chat site that offers an opportunity to engage in live debate and gain experience using apologetics to defend your faith .  This is a great place to learn how to answer questions frequently posed to Christians by unbelievers.

To attend, please follow the simple instructions here.

Please be advised:  While the room owner requires G-rated language, language unfit for minors does occasionally occur in a LIVE event situations.

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Question: Do You Believe In A Talking Snake

I received this question on Facebook and wanted to share my thoughts and answer with you. Marin Jul 5th, 12:44pm  hello, i’m an atheist and I find your views fascinating.I have just one question.Do you seriously believe that that snake in the Garden of Eden could actually talk? Because if you do that is seriously disturbing! [...]

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Q&A: Plant Hybrids And Baramins

Q I do not believe in macro evolution. I do have some questions I need answered though… Is the primula kewensis observable proof of speciation/macroevolution? If not then why? Primula Kewensis is a cross breed between a type of rose and another plant. It can’t produce with its parents but can produce with itself and [...]

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A Foundational Teaching

Paul Taylor and I recently had the privilege of interviewing Ken Ham while he was speaking at a creation event in Mobile, Alabama. Our interview with Ken will be aired on an upcoming Creation Today Show episode. Ken has been involved in creation ministry for the past 35 years. He has watched our culture’s morality [...]

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