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Proclaiming Truth without Arrogance

If you are hoping that the title indicates that this is a “how-to” guide, then you will be mistaken. I am not qualified to explain how to speak or write without arrogance, because this is a constant battle for me. One answer that some people use is to equivocate on what they write. The constant […]

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They’re both religions

Many people think that religion and science do not go together. Often, they compartmentalize each into completely separate places in their lives. Science, after all, is based upon observation and testing—unquestionable facts. Right? Religion, on the other hand, is based upon thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Science is material; religion is immaterial. Science gives answers; religion […]

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New Year, New You

One of my favorite pastimes is standing at the ocean shore, watching the thundering breakers crash into the sand; or singing worship songs under a full moon that glimmers upon the vast waters of the sea. These times remind me of the majesty of my Creator. They put into perspective the awesomeness of God who […]

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Lie – “When you die, you cease to exist”

This is one of the most dangerous lies textbooks teach. God created the universe and left us a record of how and why He did it. You were created by an all-wise Creator and you will live forever in Heaven or Hell. All humans have broken God’s laws by lying, cheating, stealing, etc. Being a […]

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Evidence of God Webcast (Part 1)

Do you get frustrated by atheists’ questions? Want to more convincingly give answers and share your faith? Join Eric Hovind as he teaches the apologetic approach used by the apostle Paul, and Christ Himself in His earthly ministry. Part one of a two-part series. Further Study Video: Evidence of God (Creation Minute) Article: They Say, […]

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Evidence of God: Creation Minute 7

Too bad common sense is rare, for it and the Bible tell us—with evidence all around—that there is a Creator of the universe! Get the Creation Minute app on your iOS device. Further Study Article: They Say, We Say: Evidence of the Obvious Creation Seminar 6: The Hovind Theory by Dr. Kent Hovind Download this episode in high […]

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