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Evidence of God Webcast (Part 1)

Do you get frustrated by atheists’ questions? Want to more convincingly give answers and share your faith? Join Eric Hovind as he teaches the apologetic approach used by the apostle Paul, and Christ Himself in His earthly ministry. Part one of a two-part series. Further Study Video: Evidence of God (Creation Minute) Article: They Say, [...]

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Evidence of God: Creation Minute 7

Too bad common sense is rare, for it and the Bible tell us—with evidence all around—that there is a Creator of the universe! Get the Creation Minute app on your iOS device. Further Study Article: They Say, We Say: Evidence of the Obvious Creation Seminar 6: The Hovind Theory by Dr. Kent Hovind Download this episode in high [...]

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Faith IS the Foundation

Recently an atheist said to me: “But faith is the opposite of reason, you don’t need faith to use reason.” I believe this is a huge misunderstanding for people today. You see, everyone starts with faith in something and then reasons from there. St. Augustine said: “Seek not to understand that you may believe, but [...]

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How do you know?

Uncommon Sense Presuppositional Apologetics: It’s an area of thought I’ve been studying and am thinking of calling it uncommon sense from now on. The more I study it, the more I realize that it is just that—uncommon sense! The basic question it asks is: What would have to be true in order for us to [...]

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Proving God: Part 1 “Foundations”

Many Christians try to prove God exists when the truth is our ultimate authority tells us every one already knows God exists! The debate has raged for centuries—is there a God? If so, which God? Unbelievers and believers, atheists and theists, evolutionists and creationists, all compile evidence to support their views. But is there a [...]

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