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Top Impactors
Creation Seminar

Matthew, South Africa

I was a false convert for a while, but thanks to your ministry, now I’m saved and a staunch creationist! I’m sharing the Creation Seminars like crazy in South Africa and have even gotten some up to Central Africa!

Six Days of Genesis

Hayley from England

Before watching Beginnings I told myself that the parts of the Bible that I couldn’t reconcile with my understanding of modern science were simply “poetic” and couldn’t be taken literally. But now I can see that every word is true!

Proof of God Conference

A Conference Attendee

Thanks for the reminder that the Bible is the ULTIMATE authority and God does not need our defense! He is GOD, Jehovah, and His Word is sufficient. You are all blessings, and I thank God for His wonderful Power through you all!

The Go Series

Jackson Hole, WY

This week, I realized that I had not been giving God the glory that He so rightfully deserves. I have been challenged to share my faith that others may know God and glorify Him. This study has given me a new outlook on life!

New Resource Projects
God's Glory

Ray Comfort
Living Waters

In this God-glorifying teaching,
Eric Hovind opens his very soul,
and in an honest way tackles the questions each of us ask about life.

Don't Miss the Boat

Carl D. Kerby
President, Reasons for Hope
Christian, wake up! There are answers to this vitally important historical account and making excuses for what the Bible teaches isn't one of them. Praise God for the work Paul Taylor has put into "Don't Miss the Boat". Gone are the days when Christians didn't have answers. This easy to read, relevant work erases that excuse.

Big Screen Impact

Please read through some of our testimonials
and see how your partnership impacts eternity!


Robert from Florida, July 2013
I have been wanting to participate in the 1 of 5K since I saw it, but I have procrastinated — until today. I was reading an article about the common factors that keep youth in church. Below the article, a girl posted a comment saying she left the church because of evolution and the silly non-scientific belief of creationism.  Her comment really made me sad that she was not equipped with the intellectual arguments that you provide.

While I realize that she is probably afraid of being ridiculed, maybe if she had been given your resources, that knowledge would have prevented her from leaving the church and enabled her to grow into a more trusting relationship with God and His Word.

I am so proud of what God has done through you in your ministry. I am ready to be 1 of 5000!


Brandt from Arizona, January 2012
Thank you! Thank you! I praise God for your ministry and your passion for truth. I love that you make it clear that your mission is evangelism and not just arguing for the sake of being right.

Jessica, January 2012
We continue to listen to your creation videos and give them away as the Lord leads. It must be exciting knowing that your ministry continues to open blinded eyes. For us, it played a huge role in opening my husband’s eyes. Thank you!!

Austin, January 2012
I’m 16 and your videos changed many of my views on the way I see the world. They have inspired me to speak truth to those in my high school.

Matthew, February 2013
The following is the story of how your ministry impacted my life and the life of my entire family.

I had finished up my tour in the US Army and was traveling the West Coast. I was “lost.” I had been raised staunch Roman Catholic and I knew the sin debts I had racked up in life were impossible for me to pay off. As a Catholic, I saw no feasible way to get out of it all. Although I knew deep down inside that there was a God, I turned my back on Him. I was in a hopeless, spiritual self-destruct state. To make a long, sad story short, I was aimlessly traveling the West Coast living in my truck and eating food I’d catch on the beach. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I knew that there had to be an answer. Finally, I emotionally broke down and begged God to take me even though I didn’t know how he could forgive me.

It was late summer, and I found myself in western Montana, broke and out of gas. I called my mom to see if she could cut me another loan for gas so I could make it home. Mom is quite the strong woman and she refused to bail me out. What tough love! Knowing she wouldn’t change her mind even if I begged, I walked in the Pizza Hut on Main Street and asked for a job. Luckily, they actually needed a driver that day, so I got the job. My plan was just to get enough money to buy some gas to get home so I could get drunk.

The shift leader was Jordan. There was something different about her that I couldn’t figure out, but liked. She was gentle, forgiving, clean, and had a strange peace about her. I asked her to go on a date with me, and she agreed but was “old school” so we had to be chaperoned by her folks.☺ Then she invited me to hang out with her at her uncle’s church. Although it is a sin for a Catholic to walk into a Protestant church, I liked being with Jordan and I was curious. It was a small Baptist church and Jordan’s uncle was the preacher. I thought it was interesting, but the message didn’t really soak in.

A Sunday or two later, after church, we were having dinner at her uncle’s house and were talking about hunting large game. I brought up something about going back in time to the Pleistocene to hunt giant rhino or something. I got some very uncomfortable looks and Jordan asked me to watch a video with her. We stuck in The Creation Seminar Part 1 - The Garden of Eden. Two minutes later, I was glued to the television. I had NEVER heard anything like that before, but it blew me away. I knew all about dinosaurs, geology, biology and ancient civilizations, but this DVD was eerily putting all the parts together in a way no one else had done.

Over the next few weeks, Jordan and I’s “dating” consisted of me coming over to her house and hanging out with her dad watching all of The Creation Seminar Series. I would bust out the encyclopedia and check out everything you said. Finally, I paid attention to the last part of the video where you talked about salvation by grace. I had never heard of anything like that in my life. I was confused, so Jordan’s father explained it to me in more detail. Bam! I wholeheartedly threw myself to God and was saved the moment I comprehended it. I excitedly threw all my smokes away, quit drinking, and got a Bible.

I started copying these creation seminars over and over and over and I gave them to everyone I knew. Shortly after I was brought into the Kingdom of God, my sister and her husband came aboard. Your seminars removed all the stumbling blocks that had held them back their whole lives. Then my little brother came aboard. Honestly, if you would have known us, you would’ve been shocked that we could ever be converted. My family is all pretty much gypsies. Long hair, earrings, tattoos, cussing, chain-smoking, drinking, black leather, and yet strangely cleave vehemently to the Catholic faith, defending Rome to the last dying breath. Amazing how the real truth can melt that all away! And yes, Jordan, my best friend became my wife!

In 2008, Jordan and I agreed I more education. I had always wanted to be a Paleontologist since I was a little kid, and especially after learning everything from your stuff. We sold our home and moved to North Dakota so I could attend the University there. For the last four and a half years, I have been at the top of the class with almost a perfect 4.0 GPA. Next I will finish grad school.

With my current education, I have been working as a consultant for the big horizontal drilling companies in the recent ND oil boom. I work as a well-site geologist and I do all the correlation of the formations and advise the directional team in their geo-steering operations. I’m telling you, the flood really happened! We find stuff all the time, 1.5 miles straight down that is not supposed to be there. I have seen first-hand, how the mud logs are changed to suit the info in the textbooks, just to keep things running smoothly.

Last year, my father and mother finally came into the fold and it was again your seminars that broke up the ground so the seeds could have a chance!☺ I am so grateful that you had the bravery to follow the light you were given. You have transformed the lives of everyone that is important to me. If it were not for your labors, I would not have my beautiful wife and in fact would probably be dead behind a dumpster; my little brother would be lost; my sister and her husband would be happy in the ways of the world, and all the countless people I have been able to reach thus far would still be lost as well. Uncles, cousins, friends, and many, many others have all been brought into the kingdom because of this work.

I got your contact info from a YouTube page. There is so much more I want to say and share, but I will leave it here for now. When I am finished with my schooling, maybe I can be of some kind of help to your ministry.

Your little brother in Christ,

Dave from Québec, Canada, January 2012
First I would like to say, I love you. I would also like to say, a BIG thank you to you. A few days ago, I prayed to the Lord to get my faith back. I found your site while searching for a site to help me understand the Bible. I love your seminar videos. You triggered a big change in my mind. Thank you for your help with my quest to regain my faith!! You put one BIG brick back in my faith-wall where it belongs!

Johnny from Israel, January 2012
I just wanted to say that your videos are life changers. I never imagined the influence of evolution on mankind. I found your seminars on YouTube by chance, and automatically downloaded 7 of them. In two days I've watched four of these seminars. I just wanted to thank you for the work you have done and God bless you.

APP’s of Creation Minutes, January 2012
I am now able to show family, friends, acquaintances, & co-workers that there are MAJOR holes in the evolutionary theory. Having this app will help to convince people that they should ask questions about their belief in atheism!

Tammi, January 2012
I’ve lived a terrible life. When I finally stopped, your videos were the first thing I was shown. I turned to the Lord. My kids love them. I show them to everybody I get a chance.

Neil from Pennsylvania, January 2012
I was raised in a biker/hippie home. Drugs, alcohol, drug deals, molestation, and abandonment made up my childhood. I hated God and considered him a cruel game player. In fact, I drilled a hole in the bottom of a cross and wore it inverted for years. I started a very successful heavy metal band, promoting drug use, self-reliance, and promiscuity. Finally, I tried to kill myself with an overdose. Instead, I got the best high that I’d had in years. I finally realized what a loser I was and went to a Christian rehab.
I had herniated a disc, L-5, and pinched my S-1 nerve. I watched The Creation Seminar five times in a row lying flat on my back. Wow, Jesus! The fog cleared and my old lead singer that had gotten saved, led me in a sinner’s prayer.
Many of my drug buddies and satanic metal fans have been greatly influenced by my explanation of creation versus evolution, fossils, strata, and dinosaurs. Three of them have come to Christ thanks to your faithfulness to produce these videos!

. . .If someone woulda told me that I’d go from Heroin dealer to youth leader in a 10-year span, I’d have told them they were a complete wing nut. I’ve been showing bits of your seminar to the youth group and they’re stoked about it! Thank you for honoring your calling!

Jason, January 2012
You’ve been an enormous blessing to our family. Your seminars and debates are what removed the stumbling blocks that allowed me to connect with God. Thank you for everything!

Abigail, January 2012
I was not sure of what to do with my life, but one day, my sister was watching one of your videos. I sat down and watched it for a while. You started to talk about the Lord and I realized that I needed to be saved. Now I know what I am going to do with my life. I am going to live it the way God wants me to. Never stop living for Jesus!

Aboi and Heidi from Austria, January 2012
We have been greatly blessed by your talks and materials online. We are strengthened in our faith in the Scriptures! Thank the Lord for your ministry!

Jim, January 2012
Thank you for doing such a fantastic job in continuing to spread the creation message. The new Creation Today Show is a huge success!

Joseph, January 2012
I took a college chemistry class at the local community college. You ministry and the foundation it gave me in the Bible motivated me to stand up to evolution propaganda that was preached from the professor’s desk. I can’t tell you how many times my dad uses material from you resources as he witnesses to his friends. Thank you for encouraging Christians!

Paul from South Africa, January 2012
Your ministry has enlarged much here in South Africa. I travel as a chalk art evangelist in public schools, Christian schools and churches and I have distributed about 2000 Creation Seminars. The other day, I got a request for your material from a PhD in the Biological Sciences Department of South Eastern University College, a constituent college of the University of Nairobi. Truly, the Word of God is not bound!

Evann from Colorado, January 2012
I am a sophomore attending the University of Colorado. I was immensely challenged in my faith in God and who He is. At one point, God became but a memory, as the corrupted world around me that glorified man-made idols and immorality began to confront everything I believed in. I became desperate in a search not to become one of the statistics that says 70% of the Christian youth lose their faith by their first year of college. At that point, I believe the Holy Spirit led me to your material. As a sheltered Christian, I was never required to look to the Bible as the double-edged sword that it really is. Your ministry led me directly to God’s Word! With the inspiration of your material and God’s Word, my faith became the wildfire that it is today!

Alen from Croatia, January 2012
I wanted to reach my sister. She was unemployed, so I gave her some money to translate some of your material from English to Croatian. She repented and put her life in the hands of the Lord Jesus! Thank you from your brother in Christ in Croatia.

Graeme from Australia, February 2012
Your material has been a tremendous inspiration to our family as we raise five children in truth. Thank you a thousand times!

Henry and Cathy, February 2012
We got your material from a home school co-op. Be blessed! You guys are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for your faithful work in the Lord!

Jonathan from Delaware, February 2012
It is so very encouraging, helpful, educational, and enlightening to watch, read, and take notes on all that your Creation Today website and resources offer. It is a great tool along with Answers in Genesis. Thanks so much!

Rick, February 2012
After I was discharged from the Navy, I began to falter in life in general. A friend of mine gave me your video series. My dad asked if I were watching a comedian. I explained that my laughter was at the points showing the stupidity of evolution. I hadn’t realized it then, but I was not saved. I had a working knowledge of Christ and knew some Bible stories which were taught to me as a child. I never believed in evolution, but your teaching solidified my belief in an omniscient, omnipotent God.
Once I had the foundation of believing in God’s supremacy, I began to search Him out and became curious about the Bible. It took some time and a camp meeting before I truly trusted Christ as Savior. Be encouraged to know that the work you have done has dramatically changed my life! I was nothing less than a hell-raiser before God saved me, and now my prayer is to be known as a man who loves God. I am attending a Bible institute program designed to facilitate teachers and preachers to enter the field of the harvest. May God richly bless you for being so faithful.

David, Missionary in Zimbabwe, February 2012
Brothers and Sisters at Creation Today,
We really appreciate your material. It is going viral in Zimbabwe!

Barbara from Atlanta, Georgia, February 2012
I love the logo for Creation Today! Not only does it remind me of a sprouting plant, but also of a dove taking flight. However people interpret it, it is a positive sign, as is your ministry!

Lyles, Missionary to Koreans in China, February 2012
The Creation-Ministry Startup CD's have been very, very helpful for students at my Korean school here in China. (Actually, CD's were returned, not delivered, but as you may remember, you gave them to me online.)

I am going to say, the startup ministry CD slides are SO MUCH MORE helpful for teaching, than the materials I paid a lot for and got from other good creation sites. These slides make things simple, for teacher AND student. It is also EASY to modify the slides to suit children of whatever age, or high school students. They are excellent as a basis for making educational materials. In modifying the startup ministry slides to be useful for teaching children, I have:
1. Added a lot of discussion or thinking questions to many of them.
2. Combined some of the slides to use as handout pages.
3. Combined handout pages with Picture Bible cartoon pictures for my students.
4. Added some of my own slides, too.
5. Given the Creation-Bible materials we put together to our Chinese teachers in the elementary school, and they are very pleased to have them to help study English!
6. Used them for the spelling sentences for the second grade class here in China. Almost half of them I do are science sentences which include creation concepts, most of which are illustrated.

The local Lutheran Church here in Denmark is very interested too, I gave them some materials, and they want to use them for confirmation classes.

The most amazing thing has happened. In all my career teaching in America and here in China, there is one boy, Tiger, who was the most influential in getting others to do bad things that I have ever seen. He proceeded to turn the class upside down when he came midyear 2010. The parents of the other students were not happy. One of the girls piped up in class, when he did something outrageous and said, "Tiger’s father is the same way." He had a reputation with the Korean community.

When we went to the library, Tiger would try and look for any pictures in books that looked anything like a witch, to show the other kids.
Now, two years later, after being exposed to some of the Creation concepts, Tiger has changed completely! He is still loud and talks a lot, but he is now a good influence. He has been our most enthusiastic creation class participant. He was in the library this year, and found some Bible-related books. He was so excited that he brought them to me to show me what he found!

I look forward to any high school/college class Tiger is in where evolution is pushed. He is very influential like the Apostle Paul, in a pleasant way now, and I think he will be able to make an impact in any such class, with the least likelihood of offending the teacher.

For sure, if Creation were to be taught in American schools tomorrow, it would be the greatest thing to turn American schools around, and America, too!

Alen from Croatia, February 2012
My sister, Aleksadra, has become a Christian! How? Well, she was unemployed, so I offered her employment. I gave her a DVD entitled, “The Age of the Earth” and ask her to translate it, for money, of course. While translating, she repented and put her life in the hands of the Lord Jesus.

Larry, February 2012
I led my son to Christ when he was five years old, but evolution skewed his faith because of public school. Your series brought him back to Christ and creation! Praise the Lord!

Timothy, February 2012
I admire your willingness to put yourself out there for the cause of man. One of my favorite moments in your debates was when you called out Hugh Ross for taking a heretical position by following the old earth age philosophy. Both he and John Ankerberg looked like they had swallowed poison. I have also read with interest the things your critics have written about you. It occurs to me that when truth is spoken, people become agitated. It is not pleasant for people to discover that the widely held beliefs of the secular world that have given them comfort for so long, do not withstand the revelation of light.

Chris from Illinois, February 2012
I first heard of you several years ago when I was suffering from the flu and couldn’t sleep. In the very early hours of the morning was a show of yours about the Flood and what Science should be saying about it in favor of Creation. I set my DVR and watched you every week thereafter. I have watched the complete series three times. Very low budget, but so filled with great content. An amazing video treasure. I have such peace now that Genesis is settled, and in no small measure, thanks to you.

Olsens in Mongolia, February 2012
We have served both stateside in Street Evangelism and as missionaries in Mongolia. Your videos have aided us in defense of the Gospel to the atheists and heathens, both in the streets and in a communist country. You are an encouragement to us! , Your co-workers in the Father’s Fields

Mariusz in Poland, February 2012
Me and my family, we saw a lot of your lectures at We are very thankful for your job. Because of you, we started to read Holy Bible. Because of you, we know that God’s words are true and perfect. We were far away from Christ. Now we worship him. Thank you for everything from Poland. Be strong!

Andrew in Sydney, Australia, February 2012
I had just finished my homework and was passing through the living room when I heard this guy teaching about the exact homework that I had just finished , homework about billions of years ago, the big bang, macro evolution. It was this DVD that my dad had brought home from some Christian guy at his work.

I was planning on watching TV in my room, but instead, I sat next to my dad and watched you tear up evolution propaganda like it was a piece of paper. For me personally, it wasn’t that evolution made me doubt my own faith, I didn’t have any. It was evolution kept me from knowing the truth and building a relationship with the one true creator of the universe! Thank you and God bless you. Keep strong for God is with you. You have made a massive impact on my life. I could never thank you enough for leading me to Christ!

Russell from Florida, March 2012
God bless you all. You are doing a great job. Eric, you are faithful and courageous. Keep it up!

Barb from Georgia, March 2012
Wow! Your conversation with the Atheist was so good! You are a calm, persuasive, powerful advocate for God. Well done, good and faithful servant!

Joe from a Marketing Company, March 2012
Well, I hope you guys don't think I'm just trying to flatter you because I'm not. We frequently work with million dollar ad agencies that have multimillion dollar clients. I am telling you that your newest publication has a fresher look than I have seen in a while. GREAT JOB, Graphic Design Artist!

Peter in Tennessee, March 2012
My younger brother Timothy committed suicide unexpectedly. Like myself, he had begun to question his beliefs in God. I wish I had known about your DVDs then. I might have been able to save his life.

Unknown, March 2012
Like you, my goal is to glorify Christ in everything that I do, including my sport. Nothing comes even close to that, not being hypocritical when I say that either, haha! Thanks again for the blessing that your ministry has been in my life. God has opened doors as such where we, as a family, have given out thousands of copies and originals of The Creation Seminar. Like America, South Africa is also slipping into serious moral decline which has made the need for more equipped Christians greater than ever.

Alex from Ontario, Canada, March 2012
I am 18 years old. Three years ago, I started watching your Creation Seminars and I got saved. These resources have been a huge blessing to me and my family and have helped me witness to my classmates and teachers. Using the influence of your seminars, I wrote an argumentative piece about creation science using a rhetorical argument style. I was able to write this paper receiving a 100% as my final grade, after which, my teacher asked to keep a copy of the paper to share with other students and faculty members!

Josh, Public School Biology and Chemistry Instructional Assistant from Missouri, March 2012
I have been a Christian since 2003, but the longer I worked at my job, the more questions I had about creation, evolution, dinosaurs and the Bible’s accuracy. I was not prepared to give a defense for the reason of the faith that is in me. Ultimately, I have been led to many of your seminars on YouTube. God has really used you to impact His Kingdom! If it had not been for ministries like yours and that of Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, it would be very difficult to find answers on these topics. Keep fighting the good fight!

John, April, Alex, Roxy, Johnny in Canada, March 2012
Your DVD’s have been a blessing from God. We were losing our children to the indoctrination of evolution. Until your DVD’s, they were not seeing what we as parents were trying to tell them. But since your DVD’s came along, all our children have come to the Lord! Thank you for your faithfulness!

Evan from Colorado, March 2012
I was an atheist and did not believe in God or the devil. I was living not only a homosexual lifestyle, but was living as a “man” although born female. A friend had me watch your DVD’s. I researched everything you said and found it true!
I fell on my knees and asked God to make me new, and if He was real, to make a big change in my life. He did! I turned from it all! I stopped taking hormones and I am living as the woman God designed me to be. I struggled with the homosexuality but overcame! God has changed me, made me new. Bless you for piercing the veil! My eyes are opened, and I am full force for my King!

Andrew from Minnesota, April 2012
Hello... back in 2002 I gave my life to Jesus Christ out of desperation because I was being tormented by a demon. I won't go into too many details but there was witch-craft from my childhood involved here.

I eventually went and back-slid for a very long time. This happened during my high school years when evolution was really being pushed onto me and my friends were experimenting with drugs. I never once renounced my faith in Christ but my actions certainly didn't reflect my faith. I still believed that Jesus was the son of God and I had a lot of guilt being packed onto me for being so distant and not doing God's will.

Well, one day, after taking the rewards of marriage before actually taking vows, and 3 children later... I became alarmed because I realized I did not have the same feelings of guilt.. I remembered hearing from my pastor that if you do not feed your spirit, it becomes hard to hear behind all of the noise in your life.

I was immediately alarmed and I was trying to work against all of my doubts, mainly evolution, and I came across expelled: No Intelligence Allowed". And then, I found Kent Hovind's seminars. I thought at first that this guy must be crazy. And it intrigued me so much and I felt compelled to watch it... so I put it at the top of my queue and I was immediately hooked after watching the first video. I later on went to studying creationism over and over again.

Slowly, but surely, this gave me courage to give up the negative things in my life which included my music, the TV programs I watched, and the games I played and allowed my children to play. It's also opened me up to so much transformation that I haven't had since I had gotten saved. I was a sheep straying from the pack that had been led away by wolves. I love my Lord Jesus Christ and I wanted to thank you for all the work you've done.

I've attempted to reach to my friends and family and still working on it. It's hard when they're so entrenched in the world, but I believe you've helped me in my quest to reach them. God truly works wonders through all of us and I wish you all the success in the future. I will pray that you find something ground-breaking to shatter the delusions of so many. I will pray that your message reaches more people like it reached me. I have since looked deeper into science and I love to point out evolutionary propaganda, new age ideas, and I now laugh at how ridiculous it is.

Thank you for all your work and God bless

From Comments on Thunderfoot Video, April 2012
Eric - did SUCH a great job of making Thunderfoot nervous!! HAHA! I LOVED it! He was so taken off guard by your questions his only discourse was to dance around each and everything you asked him! It was brilliant! He refused to answer anything you asked him because he KNEW what it would back him into a corner concerning everything he believes. Great job had JUST the right questions prepared to make him chase his tails. THANK YOU for the trip to the 'Reason Rally' or whatever they think it was. NICE job man.....God Bless You

Woodard via Internet, April 2012
I love the animations on these Creation Minutes!! Is eight all you have made? You are doing a great job, Eric Keep up the good work!

John in New York, April 2012
Thank you for your courage and hard work on your many creation DVDs. By God’s grace, I have won some environmental awards and have been able to take my family to Washington, DC. We have been blessed to pass out thousands of your tracts and DVDs and to have many conversations with others. Your teachings have equipped us and other members of our church to share God’s Word of salvation and not have to backpedal when the topic of evolution arises. Know that your labor is not in vain. Keep fighting the good fight today!

The Mearns in Scotland, May 2012
We recently returned to the UK after working for seven years with the Muslims in the Middle East. Recently, we downloaded an internet video clip from your ministry talking about creation and the theory of evolution. We are greatly encouraged to see someone prepared to take on this “mighty Goliath!”
Currently, we are writing to reach people in the Muslim world. We want to include a section on the theory of evolution with the aim of exposing the myth for what it is. We will follow it up with the opportunity for readers to receive your exciting material. May God richly bless your paramount work!

Shari in Kentucky, May 2012
Hi Eric:
I just finished watching part of your live webcast of your debate in Indiana. My oh my, how frustrating that must have been. The atheist made no sense! I just wanted to say I loved your closing statements. Very bold, my friend. Even if the atheists heard nothing else, they heard the good news of Jesus Christ from you.
Blessings to you for your boldness.

Matthew in Texas, May 2012
Although I have known who God and Christ were in my head, I only recently came to know them in my heart. Thank you for the work you have done in regards to teaching creation, as my relationship with Christ truly started after I began watching your videos. I have come to develop a strong relationship with Christ and now I cannot imagine a life without Him.

We must be the change we want to see in the world!

Matthew in Texas, May 2012
I am a US Marine in San Diego, California. I just came back from a long deployment and wanted to tell you how the Lord used you greatly. I want to let you know that many of your videos solidified my faith tenfold. It was your work that had now changed my major to Theology.

Ellie from Southern Missouri, May 2012
We are a home schooling family in Southern Missouri. Whenever we have requested one of your videos from the Springfield library, there is usually a waiting list to check them out.

Faye in Canada, June 2012
I watched the video of last night on TBN. I must say that Eric and Ken Ham danced circles around Hugh Ross. The fact that the two of them were the only ones opening Bibles was evidence enough on who takes the authority of God seriously. I’m so happy to see that Eric ALWAYS used the Bible for his argument and not only quotes from secular scientists like the others. Thank you for obeying the calling of the Lord in your ministry.

Youth Pastor in Terrace, BC, Canada, June 2012
It was your videos that convinced me that the Bible is true and correct about everything including creation!

Angelo in the Philippines, June 2012
I have been distracted with so many worldly pursuits since I started college life. Then, God led me to watch your videos and straighten up my life with them. Your message on being used by God to help others become saved has brought me to tears. The messages from your videos have made an impact on me, firing me up for the Lord!

I know there are a lot of people I can reach out to here in the Philippines. I wanted you to know that I have now led a few people into experiencing the love of Christ and I really thank God for that. Knowing that I have impacted eternity has really filled me with joy! Thank you sooooo much for allowing God to use you and bless millions!

Donna in Arkansas, June 2012
Now that we're home from vacation, I wanted to sit and tell you what a thrill it was to visit The Creation Store! When I was planning this trip, I looked on the Creation Today website to see if we could visit you and saw that the only physical place you really had to come to was the bookstore. I thought well... I guess we could just bypass this. But then, as God does, we found ourselves in your area with some free time, so I plugged the store into the GPS and we came for a visit.
It was one of the highlights of our vacation! You made us feel like family! I felt a little bad about not being familiar with all you were doing, but don't let that discourage you! One of the reasons is because I'm already sold!! I don't need to be convinced! However... I will make more of an effort to keep up with you. That said, I need to tell you what a wonderful job I feel you have done. You have brought the ministry into the 21st century! Don't know if you would have had the opportunity under different circumstances! As you shared, there are struggles, but you are doing a fabulous job! We will continue to keep you in our prayers as you endeavor to bring glory to our God! Thanks again for such a special time together!

Jonathan on the Internet, July 2012
I don’t necessarily go to church, but I do really like learning about the Bible. Back when I was 19, I had moved out of my parent’s home, into an apartment with my girlfriend. I did not treat her nice. I was awful to her, so much so, that she ended up leaving me. A major scar that I have from one of our fights, still in a way, haunts me.
You see, I was cooking breakfast one morning and we got into a fight over the pan that I was cooking in because it was still dirty even after she cleaned it. I was so angry about this, and what made my anger worse, was that she refused to clean it to make it right. She told me that if I didn’t like the way she cleaned that I should do it myself. I was so furious about this, I shoved my arm into her chest, held it there, and put the heated pan inches from her face.
I can never take back what I did. But through God, and Him doing a change in us, we were able to find the love for each other we first had. The girl that I did that to, is now my wife. This transition started when I put on a creation video. I watched all seven of The Creation Seminar videos. After a while, I went to the dollar store and bought a King James Bible for $10. That $10 has been the best $10 I ever spent.
I stumbled upon you now I understand what’s required to be saved by Jesus Christ. I know this is a very personal message, but I wanna let you know, if it wasn’t for your guys' videos and proper teachings, I would be lost. My wife and I have had a very good relationship since we have turned to the Lord. I feel a little ashamed to tell that I was a monster at one point, but I just wanted to introduce myself to you and let you know that what you guys are doing is great and that you really are helping people. Love in the Lamb!

Larry on the Internet, July 2012
I cannot thank you enough for all the good you have done for me and my family. Because of you I speak the word more and more to more and more people. I pray everyday to the Lord to teach and guide me. You have touched me far above anyone ever in all my 74 years. I have to work to make ends meet and do not mind it. I expect to always work and I know that it is good as the Bible says. I want to give money as a way to show my thanks.

Hardened Biker from Canada, July 2012
Just after New Year’s Eve 2007 was the first time I heard your voice. I stopped to visit a friend and was drunk at the time. I was in party mode and arrived bearing gifts, more beer. Two of my friends were there watching these stupid DVD's of some guy that I figured was a con artist that was out to grab money. Both of the men were bikers and it was strange how they were glued to the screen. I began to mock and criticize and try to get their attention and pretend I was not interested.

But something happened while I slept that night. I awoke with a strange desire to hear and watch more. I put the video back in and watched more. I found myself consumed by the message. We were all pretty hardened in our lives and needed strong proof that what we were hearing about creation verses evolution was true. We searched for mistakes, lies, and slip-ups but couldn't find any. Fact checking became part of our daily lives. It wasn't enough that we were convinced that our new Lord and Savior was real, we had to convince everyone else! Soon we were spending days and nights making copies of your DVDs to pass out to friends. J*** would go days and nights without bathing or leaving the house, just fixated on copying and spreading your Gospel message.

I was baptized. My journey was carefully calculated by God. He had been trying to reach me for so long as I was like some wild horse running through fields terrified to become captive and taken care of by the Master, all the while running through barbed wire fences, inflicting unnecessary wounds to itself, with blinders on, running full force, smashing into things. That was me until I heard your DVDs. God Bless you!

Hayley from England, July 2012
Thank you for producing your brilliant Beginnings DVD! What a blast of fresh air! It has strengthened my faith enormously. Before watching Beginnings I told myself that the parts of the Bible that I couldn’t reconcile with my understanding of modern science were simply “poetic” and couldn’t be taken literally. But now I can see that every word is true!

Thank you also because I showed the DVD to my mother, who has always said that she wants to believe, but finds it too difficult to merge with her secular, scientific views. I can see that it has opened her mind and planted a seed in her heart. This is a feat indeed! Hopefully this seed will grow. I can’t wait to share the DVD’s to more people as well!

Sherry from California, July 2012
Thank you so much for your ministry! Your videos and articles are encouraging as well as inspiring. I love watching The Creation Today Show, and Eric and Paul are such anointed speakers. Thank you Eric and Paul, and all at Creation Today for your wonderful ministry and what you do!!!

Bridgitte from Camp in California, July 2012
Thank you so much for coming and preaching, Mr. Eric. You made it so understandable for us. I changed up here at camp and when I go home, I will teach people what you taught us. I will continue to praise and worship God.

Eric & Amber from Texas, July 2012
We wanted to let you know how much we enjoy The Creation Today Show and your co-host, Paul Taylor. We watch it online, as we are on the road full-time in service to God for our ministry and do not have regular TV service. It is a great encouragement and faith builder to us to hear you teach that the Word is true and 100% accurate in every detail!

We also thank you for your prison ministry outreach. We are corresponding with an inmate who told us that without faith, his being in prison and losing everything including his family would have made him lose his mind. His faith? Your Dad led him to the Lord.

God is working all things for good, Amen!

Johan from the Internet, August 2012
Thank you for this AMAZING job you guys are doing. Your debates have changed my life! Thank you, Eric for your seminar. Keep up the great work!!

Tyler from the Internet, August 2012
You guys are truly great, and have done nothing but completely strengthen my faith more than 5000% than what it was just six months ago. As a rising sophomore in college, you guys have been there for me, and I can always come here to strengthen my faith even further. My only dream is that you keep on doing what you are doing, and keep letting people receive this gift that lasts forever.

Nick from Alabama, August 2012

Thanks for taking the time last night to speak with me about children. I am very interested in curriculums that involve the foundational principles of Creation and what God wants us to know about His wonderful works. God has given us a great responsibility as ministers and as parents to teach our kids about God's Creation and most of all that God gets His glory. Per your preaching the last two nights, I KNOW HE WILL. You've done a wonderful job this week. Thank you for your obedience.

Anilo from Italy, August 2012
I'm so impressed by your videos about evolution. I'm a biologist, and I've studied evolution a lot. I'm writing because I'm in need to learn more about creation from science's point of view and I need more proofs against evolution. Can you help me?

God Bless you. Thank you for your work.

Josh from the Internet, August 2012
Time for some positive feedback. I just made an order and I must say that the checkout procedure is much smoother and better defined than the old one. Fewer steps.

Jon & Tracy from California, August 2012
My husband and I wanted to thank you for coming out to California and speaking at the World View Conference in Chino. The information that you have is very valuable and extremely helpful. We have been watching your videos for years and it was great to see you in person! We traveled 100 miles to see you and, it was sooo worth it. We listened to the CD, THINK!, on the way home...Awesome!! Can't wait to share it! God Bless you and your family. Your brother and sister in Christ

Bryan, Camp Director in California, August 2012
It truly was a great week. Thank you for passionately sharing the truth of God's Word. It was incredible to see Him speaking through you.

Richard from Texas, August 2012
Thank you for all your work which you are doing for Christ. I have spent countless hours watching you defeat satan and his doctrines with hardcore scientific facts, and more importantly, the scriptures. Thank you for your research which supports God! I watch your videos and wonder, “How can anybody still believe in evolution after seeing all these facts that prove it wrong?” But then, you bring up the scripture, 2 Peter 3:5, “For this they are willingly ignorant...” and it all makes sense.

Ana, August 2012
My boyfriend is in prison and has been there for four years. I am 24 and I thought for a long time God was mad at him or me and life wasn’t fair, so I practiced voodoo. One day, desperate I picked up a Bible and started reading. I threw everything voodoo away and repented and asked forgiveness. As I began to study, more and more, I was convinced that the Bible was true, like really true!

Then as I searched, I saw a documentary on YouTube with a couple debates you did and some videos and I was amazed!!!! I continued my research.

Long story short, yesterday for my speech class, I gave a persuasive speech on the big bang violating scientific laws and that it shouldn’t be taught in schools. I got a standing ovation!!! Thank you!

James and Pam from California, July 2012
When my husband and I first met, we were just learning about creation science and attended a seminar in San Marcos in 1998 given by Eric. God ignited a passion within us both to see that God’s truth be told. He has opened our eyes to the deception we had been taught even in our early education. The Holy Spirit is helping us to rightly divide The Word. We cannot read a book or watch a film without searching for the bottom line...does it glorify God or man? May we always choose to glorify God!

Peggy from The Internet, September 2012
Love your work, and your Creation Today Show. I watch regularly and have learned a lot. Thank you for all you do.

Brittany, September 2012
My father believed I evolution. One Sunday morning my father was channel surfing and he found Mr. Kent Hovind. He was talking about the lies of evolution. My father stopped and listened to the program. Mr. Hovind gave sources that my father could check-out. That very day my father believed and trusted Christ and has grown in the Lord. Daily I thank God for your ministry.
Jacob from Missouri, September 2012
I am a 13 year old boy from Kansas City, Missouri and I would like to thank you so much for doing what you do. My family and I go to church almost every Sunday. I never questioned God or His existence until last year in middle school when we started doing long projects, quizzes, tests, and readings about evolution. In doing these, it made me start to ponder if there were really even a god at all.

My science teacher was a strong believer in evolution and she would green slip children for bringing up why they do not believe in evolution. She provided “facts” about evolution that I really thought were logical and made sense. Not even knowing it, I started peeling away from my Christian lifestyle. One day during church, I realized this and I knew somehow I had to regain my faith, so I went on the Internet and typed in, “Why evolution is fake,” and your video of “100 Reasons Why Evolution Is Stupid” popped up on YouTube. I watched the whole thing at 2:00 am. It opened my eyes so much and I felt tons better inside. Over a period of time, I watched other debates and when the other evolutionists would start to bring up worthless “facts,” you showed that their “facts” didn’t prove evolution. Thank you so much! I am once again, a strong believer in Christianity!

Jayson, Museum Curator from California, September 2012
The Beginnings Series is our number-one, best seller. Thank you!

Jaime from California, October 2012
I am fourteen years old and I a Christian. I watched a seminar on creation science from you. All I want to say is that I thank God for using you to reach me through your teaching tapes because right before I saw the creation seminar, I was going to question my church about the age of the earth and evolution stuff. Like you said, "the Christians have not been doing a good job answering questions." I was at my Christian library and the librarian gave the tapes on evolution explaining how fake it is. Praise the Lord for letting me know about that stuff before I could've lost my way. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!

Matthew from Arizona, June 2012
Your materials have really helped me to focus on the most important priorities, and to have a proper biblical perspective. I’m convinced one of the biggest hindrances to Christians is distraction. I guess that’s why the Bible refers to us as sheep! We will always wander if we don’t have our eyes on the Shepherd. Your materials have really helped me in this regard.

Gabe from Hawaii, June 2012
I found your material on YouTube. This material has so impacted people’s lives and their relationship with God! It has given me a different perspective. It’s shown me how the evil has muddied the waters for most Christians. Your work is clearing people’s vision and clearing the way for people to walk with a clear view of God’s work in us. I see the world differently. You have changed my life!

From Hawaii, June 2012
I was listening to satanic music and living how I saw fit. I was watching pornography every day. I was living a detestable life. My wife nagged me for over a month, and I decided to take a class her church offered called, Creationism vs. Evolutionism. I had always been taught evolution in school, and it made perfect sense to me. So, I was curious to what there was to debate about. In the class, the teacher showed one of your debates. I was floored. I realized everything I had been taught previously had all be lies.

The Holy Spirit took hold of my heart and has never let go. I surrendered my life to Christ. I have listened to everything Eric has put out. I been using what I have learned to try and point my siblings and my coworkers to the Truth. I thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I want to thank your family also. I know you have to be away from them a lot. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord’s calling and being a light in a very dark world.

Karen from Georgia, September 2012
I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing your materials have been to my heart and mind. I took a Biology course at the local Junior College and watched as the young people in that class room were having their faith chiseled away right in front of me. I believe you are a wrecking ball. I pray for God to give me the wisdom to be such a wrecking ball toward doubt and confusion and to be able to share the Gospel. I now see the critical nature of the ministry God has entrusted to you!

Mike, Christian Radio Host, October 2012
Eric was incredible this morning and I think lit a fire among the audience. If you did not listen to Stand Up for the Truth today, Eric Hovind was on for the entire hour and hit it out of the park! The podcast should be up by this afternoon at Share with your friends who have questions about the biblical account of Genesis. Well worth it!

James and Liz from Florida, Proof of God Conference, October 2012
My husband and I just wanted to take a minute to thank all those of you who took part in organizing and planning the Proof of God conference last weekend. The Holy Spirit was evident in each speaker and our hearts and minds were renewed and changed because they allowed God to use them. We were able to reset our focus on God and draw closer to Him through this conference and for that we will forever be thankful. It truly made a lasting impact- not only on us- but for our children through us and our family and friends that we intend on sharing this message with. We really hope that there will be many more "Proof of God" conferences so other people's lives can be changed as well. God is definitely working in this ministry and it is evident in the lives of those who ministered. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!

Gerbie from South Africa, October 2012
I am a high school teacher in South Africa and I reviewed copies of The Creation Seminar Series. What an eye opener!
Although 'Life Sciences' (the subject equivalent of Biology here in SA) is not my teaching field (I teach Technology subjects and Engineering drawings), I am actively involved in exposing the LIE about evolution to my learners on almost a daily basis!
Thanks so much to you for the immense work that you are doing for the Lord. 'Kick some more evil butt' from the platforms!
The Lord's Blessings be upon you all!

Alyssa, February 2012
Your video tapes were given to us. After watching them, my husband got saved and quit many bad habits. Several months later, I too, accepted the Lord as my Savior. My husband has now become the father and husband that I never thought I would have. We are very active soul winners and have been able to lead over a hundred people to the Lord during the past eight months. None of this would have been possible without your ministry. Thank you for not only bringing people to the Lord, but also for arming them to defend their faith!

Erik from Florida, March 2012
If I hadn’t learned so much from your ministry, I would have rejected Christ. Thank you for your ministry.

Elena from Germany, April 2012
I was a Christian, a lukewarm Christian. My spiritual revival began when I saw your videos about Creation vs. Evolution. I remember asking God to show me who He really was. It was the perfect timing for me to watch your videos about how great our Creator is!
I began sharing truth at my school. I have had to accept very bad grades in my science class due to my beliefs. It is my first experience in suffering for Jesus. I have now given my life to become a missionary. I am studying at the University of Heidelberg to become a teacher in languages (Russian, German, Spanish). I trust God to show me the way to minister after graduation in His perfect timing.
God bless you!

Kelley, October 2012
Thank you for preparing me for college with your resources! Don’t ever stop telling your jokes, either! We A.D.D. students need those to keep listening!

Jon from Indiana, October 2012
Since watching your video seminar, I have renewed my relationship with God. Amen!

Antonina from Missouri, October 2012
My husband works at a juvenile detention center. We make each child a CD of “The Age of the Earth.” We praise God that there are people like you to help deliver the truth in the way you do! The good news spreads on and on and on!

Beth, Jackson Hole Bible College ~ October 2012
Before studying this series, I was totally focused on my own happiness. This week, I realized that I had not been giving God the glory that He so rightfully deserves. I rededicated my life to Him and decided that from now on, He will no longer be on the back burner. I have been challenged to share my faith that others may know God and glorify Him. This study has given me a new outlook on life!

Ben, Jackson Hole Bible College ~ October 2012
This study has been more inspirational and eye opening to me than any class, lecture, or study I have ever been in. I have been living for myself and not for God’s glory. I hope God blesses you because your class has helped me greatly!

Carissa, Jackson Hole Bible College ~ October 2012
Before taking this class, I knew I was a Christian and I should glorify God with my life. But studying this series challenged me to wrestle with why I believe what I believe! Now, I am ready to give an answer to every man that asks me a reason of the hope that is in me with meekness and fear. The reality, God’s sovereign glory is awesome!

Nicholas, Jackson Hole Bible College ~ October 2012
My life has not been one that I am proud of. Through this study, I learned how to live out my faith in a way that honors Him. God put His finger on areas of my life that needed changed. Thank you for encouraging me to pursue God’s best!

Hannah, Jackson Hole Bible College ~ October 2012
Most of my life I have struggled with depression, regularly considering suicide. Then in 2008, I learned that God cares about each of us individually and that each of us are born with a specific purpose. But then, as I considered my life choices, I was terrified that I was not going to make the right decisions and wreck my eternal future. I struggled for four year , until this study. How freeing! This study has taught me that it truly isn’t about me. It’s not whether I choose to become a missionary or choose some other career; rather, it’s all about whether every single aspect of my life, I choose to do all to the glory of God. Giving Him glory is no longer a part of my life; it is my life!

Then I got the news that my brother’s cancer report was terminal. Wow! Giving God the glory is sometimes downright difficult. But this study has shown me from God’s Word that my brother has been chosen for a unique path of glorifying God with his life. I don’t understand, but with that acknowledgment came a peace beyond comprehension.

I don’t know what comes next in my life, but I have learned that the purpose is that God be glorified. He is worthy!

Sarah, Jackson Hole Bible College ~ October 2012
This course convicted me of my apathetic attitude toward the lost. I now know confidently why I believe in God and I have learned how to defend my faith in Him! I have committed that through the power of Christ in me, evangelism will be a life style for me, not something to do on the weekends!

Pastor who attended the Proof of God Conference, October 2012
I learned valuable information! Every pastor in America needs to attend this conference!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
The Proof of God Conference was awesome! Just what we need for a doubting and dying generation!!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
Thank you so much for this conference. This has helped me see a different perspective of apologetics!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
To think I was ever on the fence about coming here , sheer folly. I used to think the Gospel was important. I am going home knowing that the Gospel is everything!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
So great to learn new ways of evangelism and to be reminded of things we need to be doing! May God continually inspire our minds and urge us to SHARE the “Good News” continually. Thanks so much for providing the impetus!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
Thanks for the reminder that the Bible is the ULTIMATE authority and God does not need our defense! He is GOD, Jehovah, and His Word is sufficient. You are all blessings, and I thank God for His wonderful Power through you all!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
Thanks for teaching me that a creationist argument must start with the Bible!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
This is the best conference I have ever attended!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
We are loaded down with countless church activities, while the real work of the church, that of evangelism winning the lost to Christ, is nearly entirely neglected. Thank you for reminding us of this essential point!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
How do we put into words the thanks we have for all that you have given us? Wonderful tools we can use in our ministry! Be Blessed!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
My name is John. I was a drug addict for 25 years and then got saved. Now my wife and I are street evangelists , all for the glory of God. This Proof of God Conference has helped us sharpen our evangelism skills. Thanks!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
I have been teaching my children how to study the Bible inductively. For the past two years, my wife and I have grown more than in the twenty years of Christian service due to studying God’s Word, not just reading the Bible or conforming to the Gospel according to the pulpit. Thank you for your contribution to the Body of Christ with the Biblical teaching of this conference.

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
Growing up in a Christian family, I never thought of questioning my existence. One I reached my high school years in a Christian school, I lost my faith and only wanted to view existence and the universe through scientific terms. Everything I have heard from these speakers makes more sense than I ever imagined. I thank you for restoring my faith and my purpose!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
Thank you for putting together this conference! I realize now that when I was in high school, I didn’t care about learning science or anything because it went against my faith. Now, I know God has lots for me to learn concerning creation and wants my faith to grow. Thanks again.

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
Although I’ve been saved for fifteen years and been involved in Bible preaching churches all this time, this conference message was new to me. The message of not defending God by evidence, but rather by proclaiming God with His Word is something that is missing from pulpits today. We unknowingly have forsaken the truth and have forfeited the battle. Please tell others this conference information and I’ll do the same.

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
In this conference, I learned that “atheism” is extremely dangerous!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
I really enjoyed the conference. This was a life-changing trip for me!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
I came all the way from Connecticut to be at the conference. It was worth every mile of the trip! It gave me new tools to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ! God bless you all!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
How refreshing to be challenged to true evangelism! John 8:32, 36.

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
I am here with my Christian School from Atlanta. I have been tremendously influenced by Creation Today!! I have absolutely been blessed and challenged and encouraged to walk in the TRUTH! Please create conferences for middle school and high school kids! We love hearing serious truth!!!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
This is the day the Lord has made! Rejoice! This is awesome to see Creation Ministries joining together in this race! Thank you!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
Thank you for the great conference! I am learning so much! What a great way to spend the weekend. Praise God!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
I graduated from a Christian School in 2010. Now 50% of the kids I graduated with are proclaiming to be atheists. Thank you for using your talents for God and bringing Him glory and having a place where we can come and learn Godly things and how to defend our faith!

Attendee at The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
Thanks to all the speakers and for your time, efforts, and sacrifices for the Lord and His people. This was an incredible opportunity for all who heard it. Praying this translates to souls saved and Christians encouraged! Praying for each of you and your families that God blesses each of you for His glory!

Exhibitor from The Proof of God Conference, October 2012
When first asked to be an exhibitor at the Proof of God Conference, we turned down the invite. I didn't like the idea of paying without having the opportunity to speak. Then we decided to go.
Eric, the president of Creation Today was very approachable. He duct-taped some electrical cords for one of the exhibitors himself, personally. This seems unheard of: a conference speaker crawling around on a dirty floor on his hands and knees before speaking? He also helped me tarp my truck so I could get on my way and head home at the close of the conference. Yes he did. He personally came out to help.
I look for the small stuff. I have a great new respect for Eric. He is a person of character. If it had been me, I might have recruited some people or delegated someone to help. I think his selflessness made the biggest impression on me and my fiancé. Thanks again, everything went well at the conference. I would do it again.

Rob from North Carolina, October 2012
I had been taking Bible Study classes at St. Therese and really loved them. One of our Deacons, a man I really like a lot, is a mentor and a Bible scholar. He seemed so very well-versed in Scripture. But one evening this past year, out of nowhere, he stated that "even though the Bible states all was created in six days, we know it was actually billions of years." I was floored. He had spoken what I hoped I would not ever hear from any Bible teacher. That was the last time I went to Bible class there.
I never dreamt that the "evolution" nonsense would devastate the faith and the beliefs of people like it has in our churches and clergy. Because I always loved science, I took many, many science courses in college and so I was forever told that everything spontaneously came into being (Big Bang) and continued to evolve over billions of years. Then they stated that evolution has some scientific foundation built on a proven framework like the fossil record. But all these circular arguments and fallacies and wrongful, dishonest fabrication of "scientific proofs" are becoming the downfall of humanity today.
By using false evolutionary arguments as scientific fact, the allegorization of Genesis has led to the allegorization of the Flood, of miracles, and even of Jesus and His sacrifice and salvation. So what is left? As a child in a good Catholic school, I never recall anyone answering my questions on evolution and the Bible. I tried to figure it out and assumed then, that Adam and Eve had to have been cave-men/women with no ability to communicate.

My religious upbringing in the Catholic Church while weak in Biblical training, was VERY strong in the emphasis placed on Prayer and Sacrifice. I believe that was Huge in my life and has had profound impact. The emphasis on Daily Prayer associated with each and every activity made for continuous communication with God the Father. I rejected the evolution theory, and thankfully accepted the Bible literally. However, I never had any arguments to refute evolution and fight for creation. Creation Today’s resources really helped me and I am really grateful!
I would like to teach a seminar to the Catholic School children, and then open it up to the parishioners after that, on Creation versus Evolution and the impacts on our children and families. Thanks for providing the resources that will enable me to do that!

Joyce from Maine, November 2012
I was a single mother on active duty trying to raise my son on my own. Some Christian brothers on the base took my son under their wings and introduced us to your Creation Seminars. We all pitched in and purchased a recorder and one brother borrowed my set of The Creation Seminar to patiently make copies in his garage. Before we left, we gave each person on the base – over 200 active duty members, and their families a seminar. Praise God! I know the Spirit of the True and Living God is using your ministry greatly to influence many. What a blessing!

Beth from Pennsylvania, November 2012
For a long time I lived not knowing what to believe. I wondered where God fit in to all this supposed randomness. How could both an omnipotent, omniscient God and absolute chance exist in the same universe?
When I found your website, it was as if I had discovered a secret, evidence for a young earth, huge problems with an old earth, the magnitude of evidence for a world-wide flood, the fossil record and circular reasoning, problems with carbon dating, blatant lies in text books, I couldn’t absorb it all fast enough. Your resources have drastically changed how I view the world. I can now see through the prehistoric bias to the clear truth. I can now clearly see that what a person believes about how we came to be will ultimately define everything about him and how he view God.
Please know that you are making an impact! Lives are being changed through your work!

Jonathan from Canada, November 2012
One of my favorite quotes on an anti-Hovind blog site was, “I hate those Hovind’s so much! Two of my cousins and one of my nieces became Christians cuz of them!” To which I say, alright!!!! And the angels rejoiced!!!

Dell, November 2012
I have seen many of your seminars via YouTube and am very grateful for your ministry. I salute your decision to follow the Holy Spirit and enter into the ministry that God had planned for you. It is indeed a battle for the minds of our young children in our public school systems. I myself was force fed “evolution” as a child. I believe that our LORD is most jealous of His role as Creator, and the enemy has purposefully deceived many into offense because of this.

Roger, November 2012
About a month ago, I was drinking one of my eight nightly beers and decided to search evolution on YouTube. This is where I found some of your video’s. I grew up with a Christian Father, and until age seven, I attended a Baptist Christian School. Even as a child, I had many answered prayers and Jesus was my hero.
At eight years old, I was enrolled in public school. I prayed less, served God less, and before long, I just didn’t care anymore. I am now thirty years old. I have two children and live with their mother who does not believe in God. Over the years, I thought about turning my life back over to God, and now, I have found your video’s on YouTube. I was absolutely intrigued! Your videos gave me a sudden urge to serve God now, before it is too late. I haven’t had alcohol in seven days. On November 12, 2012, I recommitted my life to Christ. I am very excited to grow in Christ! I showed your videos to my girlfriend and she likes them. Pray that she will get saved, and marry me a.s.a.p.!

Samuel, December 2012
I was an evolutionist and an agnostic. At 16, I had gone into an all-consuming depression because I didn’t believe that there was any point to life, and that no one cared. I chanced upon your Creation Seminar and was genuinely surprised. Your videos were a gigantic part of pulling me out of that nightmare! Now, I have trusted Christ! I attempted to convert some to Christ using moral tactics but found it extremely hard. So I attempted to approach people from a scientific aspect and it seems to have gained more interest and more success.
I am very grateful to all of you for the sacrifices you have made to promote God’s Word. God bless you all.

Timothy, December 2012
Since purchasing your DVD Creation Seminar, I’ve watched them numerous times and made copies for my relatives and friends. Thank you for your serious study/effort and thoughtful presentations. Like books, they will continue to work in the minds and hearts of men, women and children for God’s glory 24/7 around the earth. Who knows what impact they will eventually have for ETERNITY!

Norman, December 2012
I wanted to let you know that I am watching your videos almost every day. You are an inspiration and I want to have the same knowledge and ability to answer for my faith. I have also been reading “Evidence that Demands a Verdict,” and I have almost finished reading my Bible for the first time. I’ve got a long way to go in the race.

I wanted to share these stories with you. I asked my friend Joel if he believed in God. He told me he believed in “a” God, but no particular one. I asked him if he believed in Evolution. He told me that he did and that he thinks you have to be ignorant not to. So we sat down and watched your video “100 Reasons Why Evolution Is Stupid.” He got saved a week later!!

I used the same approach with my girlfriend and she also got saved!!!

God bless!

Diamond from Colorado, December 2012
Saw your guest Steve Ham on the episode of The Creation Today Show, “IS IT DIVISIVE TO TAKE A STAND ON THE AGE OF THE EARTH?”
The HAM's are awesome. Jeremy Ham wrote the best article I have ever seen on the birth of Christ. In my 35 years in Christ our Lord this is the best I have ever read:

Gert from The Netherlands, December 2012
Thanks very much for the teaching that you give and make free available on the web. Here in Holland I know already a lot of people that are incurred by creation. For me personally, it helps a lot in evangelism. First, go on with telling the creation works of or great God, and I pray that it leads a lot of people to the Savior Jesus. Bless you all. From Holland, we pray for you.

Larry from Georgia, December 2012
Eric - Thanks for your year-end message. You Rock! What are you doing in a suit??? Keep up the GREAT work! I'm amazed watching the great work for the truth of Creation you are doing. I occasionally show my online students your Creation Minute & Creation Today shows.

Don from Canada, December 2012

I am very encouraged by your direction in the debate with Dehler. Formal logic and the scientific method is on the side of the creation position.

Essentially formal and the scientific method demands a base assumption that the biblical God exists and that the burden of proof is to disprove such existence. Only a truly experienced believer is qualified to use the scientific method, all others being delusional at best. Atheists are disqualified as objective scientists. They have a religion in contradiction to the method. Interesting and powerful.

I think this is a very powerful technique, to demand adherence to formal logic and the scientific method in debates.

Great work,

Kevin from the National Museum of Natural History in Pretoria South Africa, December 2012
A word of big thanks to you all in equipping me with the tools to defend the faith. I work for the National Museum of Natural History in Pretoria South Africa which is at the forefront of paleontological evolution in the world.

My story in short. I grew up as a roman catholic believing God used evolution over millions of years. I also suffer from dyslexia so I never completed my schooling. At age 20, I heard the gospel for the first time and I accepted by faith unconditionally the Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of my life.

My problem was I never knew about creation being brought up in a secular catholic environment. I never knew how to defend the faith when being told that evolution is fact. This was by colleagues of whom many are degree professionals, postgraduates, Dr.’s and Professors etc. This left me feeling helpless and even doubting some of my beliefs in God. Then a dear brother in Christ introduced me to The Creation Seminar by Kent Hovind. There is so much wonderful information I would sometimes get lost.

Then Eric and Paul started the 30 minute podcasts on The Creation Today Show. They answer and explain the questions in such away even I can understand. I give God all the glory for brothers like you who are fearlessly taking a stand for Christ and the Bible.

When I accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, I was so angry that the church had blatantly deceived and lied to me. I promised God that day that I would only stand on His Holy Word, The Bible and nothing else. You are helping me do that! John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever BELIEVES in HIM will not perish, but be SAVED. This was the verse that brought me to faith in Christ.
I thank The Lord Jesus. Brothers I stand with you on God's Word.

Two short personal testimonies of the Creation Ministry here in South Africa:
A family visiting the museum were new believers and seeing the evolution displayed so strongly the were starting to doubt there faith. When the man asked me I took him and his family to show them a replica set of shark teeth that when open stands 2.2 meter tall then I shared the story of Jonah and the whale in the Bible with them. encouraging them to keep the faith and I referred CSE ministries.
A visiting postgraduates student doing a PHD on evolution to become a Doctor of hominid evolution asked me why many South Africans do not believe in evolution as fact. I informed her I do not believe in evolution. She asked me why. I told her that evolution was only a theory and that there is no credible evidence that would stand up in a court of law to support evolution. How would you prove Mrs. Ples had offspring? She stopped dead in her tracts and admitted I was right and she had no grounds to defend evolution.

"The only thing evolution can prove is that there is a Creator God!"
Kevin B Skea

Vandyck from the Netherlands, December 2012
I wish to convey my deepest greetings at this time when we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus. I want you to know that many across the globe are bearing you all in prayer! Merry Christmas and remember, because Jesus lives, we can face tomorrow.

John from Florida, December 2012
May the joy of Christmas continue to fill you with the Holy Spirit as it already has since you promote the one whose birth we celebrate at this time of the year.

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Katrin from Canada, December 2012
Thank you for the marvelous resources you have produced; and those you sell at The Creation Store like “Daddy, Is There Really a God?”; and the ABeka Book Curriculum that you recommended! Because your ministry has put us onto these resources, there are three Canadian girls who know the Lord as Savior and that He created it all!

Jeff from Ohio, December 2012
Our church has a ministry to the intercity of Akron, Ohio, most of who are refugees from Thailand. I was asked to help with this ministry but I didn’t want to be a babysitter and yell at kids to behave, and I didn’t know their language and didn’t want to learn. Then I started watching your creation materials and I’ve grown so much spiritually! I learned the importance of soul winning! I began assisting with the 120 kids in our refugee ministry. At first, I just sat there and watched the kids and didn’t get involved, but after a few weeks, I approached an eleven-year-old refugee about the Gospel and he ended up getting saved. I didn’t know it at the time, but for a long time, his Sunday School teachers had been praying for him to get saved. It’s been over one year now, and I’ve individually given every child the Gospel, and nearly every one of them have trust Christ! God is using me to train them and they now have a desire to reach people. They share the Gospel with their classmates and teachers in the public school, so I’m so blessed to see God’s blessing! Your work is bearing much fruit among the Thailand refugees and spilling over to others in our area.

Katrin from Canada, December 2012
Thank you for the marvelous resources you have produced; and those you sell at The Creation Store like “Daddy, Is There Really a God?”; and the ABeka Book Curriculum that you recommended! Because your ministry has put us onto these resources, there are three Canadian girls who know the Lord as Savior and that He created it all!

Mark and Monica from Ohio, December 2012
We homeschool and we loved your Teaching Tips Video. Our eleven children loved “How to Make Money and Spend It God’s Way!” We have greatly benefitted from these presentations that you produced!

Samuel, December 2012
Six months after becoming a Christian I watched The Creation Seminar with my children and it changed our lives. My Christian foundation got very strong through these resources. I have never read a book cover to cover, but from your challenge, I have read, cover to cover, the Bible. Now I try to follow Jesus Christ; He is my role model. My world view has changed drastically and I see the world differently. You have also taught me to let go of everything to be really free, less of the world and more of Christ is the way to live!

Helen from Michigan, January 2013
We stumbled onto your seven-part series called The Creation Seminar at a church rummage sale. It was a copied set, so we passed them up at $3.00 each the first day. The copies didn’t look too interesting. But we went back the next day for the bag sale, where you just fill up a bag, and decided to throw them in. My daughter called me the day after that and said, “Mom, we’ve found a gold mine!” We have watched them several times, and each time our heart wells up in worship for our Great God! I will be 90 on my birthday and I am using them to teach my seven great-grandsons.

Bob and Lora from New York, January 2013
We are showing The Creation Seminar Series to our Bible Study Group. Many of the participants are either new Christians or not versed in creation defense. A few are unsaved. They are enjoying the information and light humor as they are challenged and informed how to defend their faith in their Creator. We pray for you every Thursday.

Gary, January 17, 2013
I had been studying some of your resources. I must admit that at first, I was just studying these for vain knowledge so I could be right and prove you wrong. But it was a tool from GOD to bring light to the dark and spread the message of salvation through all the overwhelming truth and evidence. Now, thanks to JESUS CRIST, I am freed of my sins and don’t owe those debts anymore! Whenever I try to comprehend HIS majesty, it fills me with overwhelming joy and the most sincere love I have ever experienced. Wow! What an amazing King we serve! Keep standing for truth and know that Jesus Christ is working
Helen from Michigan, January 2013
We stumbled onto your seven-part series called The Creation Seminar at a church rummage sale. It was a copied set, so we passed them up at $3.00 each the first day. The copies didn’t look too interesting. But we went back the next day for the bag sale, where you just fill up a bag, and decided to throw them in. My daughter called me the day after that and said, “Mom, we’ve found a gold mine!” We have watched them several times, and each time our heart wells up in worship for our Great God! I will be 90 on my birthday and I am using them to teach my seven great-grandsons.

Colin from FaceBook, January 2013
Just got the The Six Days of Genesis DVD’s about a week ago. Watched the whole thing. Can’t wait to share it with others, specially my father in law who I would love to see become a literal six days believer.

Then, I just recently discovered The Creation Today Show. Funny thing is I bought and read The Six Days of Genesis book a while ago, but it took me four or five episodes of The Creation Today Show to realize Paul on the show was the author. Anyway I love the show. I can’t believe how many awesome resources are out there that I’ve been looking for to share with other people!

Pamela from FaceBook, January 2013
As a fan of The Creation Today Show, I just wanted to say I love the new look of the set and the topical lessons and stories.

C: from FaceBook, January 2013
I love The Creation Today Show. Not only are Taylor and Hovind wonderful, but they bring in all kinds of amazing people that I'd never heard of before. It is my favorite thing to listen to while doing chores!

T: from FaceBook, January 2013
Hey, Eric and Paul! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the amazing work you do. Your ministry encourages and builds me up in my faith and my walk with Jesus. The ministry you do is needed now more than ever. You're a real blessing. Keep up the work and stay strong in the faith!

H: from FaceBook, January 2013
Just discovered The Creation Today Show. I’m so thankful for it! God bless you guys!

Tobi from California, January 2013
Hey brother. Glad to connect. Your dad helped me a lot when I was a teenager through video, phone, and just taking me out to eat. I currently teach Greek, Apologetics, and Bible at West Coast Baptist in Lancaster, California and wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you are doing. As a 29 year old apologist, I'm always glad to find conservative, well-spoken colleagues out there.

Zack from the Internet, February 2013
Dear Eric,
Thank you so much for what you do. This past Sunday, I preached my very first sermon. It was on Worldviews, Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs. You helped me so much. I don’t know if you see these emails, but I just want to let you know that I am thankful for you and greatly appreciate what you and your team do.

Matthew from Canada, February 2013
Although I grew up in church, I always struggled with the conflict between my teaching I got in school and what the Bible said. I finally resolved to the mind-set that the Bible was not to be taken literally since it was full of contradictions and stories. Needless to say, my life was headed down a very scary path. Nevertheless, Christ in His mercy rescued me! I found your videos on YouTube and was hooked! My mouth was on the floor as I witnessed the accuracy of the Bible for the first time! I am so thankful to the Holy Spirit for leading me to your ministry. My faith has been renewed. Thanks to your ministry, I am now equipped with the right knowledge to teach my daughter about her Creator! Thank you for changing my life with your work.

Jacob, February 2013
I wanted to share with you some personal testimony of how our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ did a work in me through your teaching. Although I was saved, I was chasing after sinful desires. I had stopped being faithful to my Bible studies and was far less diligent in prayer. The Holy Spirit convicted me and I asked the Lord to give me a new love for His Word. The very next day after I prayer, He answered! By “complete chance,” I stumbled across Part 4 of The Creation Seminar Series online. For the rest of the weekend, I could not stop watching your resources: The Creation Seminar Series, University Debates, The Creation Today Show. Through your work, the Lord lit a fire in me! Jesus, our Lord, has done such a powerful work through you. Your material has given me an Evolved Worldview ☺ as the Lord continues to do a work in me.

Diana, February 2013
I want you to know that the advent of YouTube has completely changed the way your creation message is being shared with millions of people who would not have heard it otherwise. I myself and using this resource to respond to the many of the scoffers online in a way that I hope will cause them to question their public school indoctrination. Most of them are atheists, but some of them are Christians who have been misled. I thank God for you and other highly-educated, well-credentialed people who have picked up the gauntlet. They are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ or the Creation message. They share it boldly. One such person that comes to mind is Jason Lyles. His ability to use reason and logic to refute evolutionary thinking is indeed refreshing.

Charles from California, February 2013
I wish to say how much I appreciate the work of your ministry. I have found a great deal of value in expressing the information of creation as an ice breaker in leading non-believers to consider accepting Jesus Christ as their Savior. I hope to be able to bring forth the truth of evolution vs the Word of God to increase the fruit of my labors.

Bill from Missouri, February 2013
I would like to thank you for your years of hard work in study and producing materials to educate the populous. I have gained much understanding from them. When I have opportunity to witness at meetings, nursing homes, churches, or one on one, I bring better information to the table as I share the Gospel.

Leslie from Ontario, Canada, February 2013
A friend of mine from Alberta, Canada sent me your 7-part DVD series, The Creation Seminar. I want you to know that they have been a tremendous blessing. Truly, I now understand that evolution is only an attempt to explain how we got here without a Creator to whom we should be accountable.

Bryan, February 2013
I feel blessed to have discovered your videos on YouTube and they have reaffirmed my faith! In these trying times, it feels like the God-fearing America that I once knew is nothing more than a sickly echo of the nation it once was. I remained concerned about the public school system’s brainwashing of young, innocent minds against the existence of God. Thank you for caring about these children and trying to reach them with your ministry materials!

Charis from England, February 2013
I’ve had the privilege of walking with Jesus since I was a little girl and now I have the privilege of singing songs God has given me and posting them on YouTube. No doubt, you know exactly what I’m talking about when I mention the intense flack you get for speaking out truth on God’s behalf. But Jesus did say, “Don’t forget that when they hate you, they hated me first.” The enemy no doubt wants you shut up. I can’t blame him. God has used you to do tremendous damage to Satan’s kingdom. Praise the Lord! Eric, thank you for carrying the torch and doing it well. God bless all of you!

Tim from Nevada, February 2013
Less than a year ago, I was an old-earth, evolution-defending scientist. My wife found your videos on the Blue Letter Bible website. I agreed to watch and was prepared to poke holes in arguments. After an hour of watching, I realized I had a dry mouth because I was watching with my jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out. I’m skeptical by nature and these videos caused me to take a closer look at what had been passed off to me as truth for so long. But, I was stunned when I found your arguments solid! Just thought that you would want to know that your work has meant so much to uneducated folks like me who now have a whole new reason to live! Many people I work with are geologists. I have an uphill battle ahead of me!

Irie, February 2013
I really like the Children’s Video About Dinosaurs and I love your “Blondasaurus!” Thank you for being silly so that we listen and learn lots of cool stuff.

Harm from the Netherlands, February 2013
Raised in a Christian family, I decided to trust God at a very young age. When I was six years old, I choose to be baptized and at the age of 12, I became officially an active member of my church. At that same time I became very interested in science and I started to read some popular science magazines. I found them fascinating and I still do today. I read them with great interest and joy.

But then I had a problem. These magazines where talking about evolution as if it was as true and as logical as the sun shining every day. But I read in the Bible that God created the earth, and that bothered me. I read about other theories about day’s meaning many years and so on, but every time I read the Bible it was speaking of day’s and it told me even that there was evening and morning! I was confused because, God does not lie right?

So I made a decision. No matter what someone else told or proved to me. I trust that the Bible was God’s Word and therefore I trusted it to be true. I decided that I believed in a literal 6-day creation.

Not long after that, our youth group leader, who was a teacher by profession, showed a DVD done by Dr. Kent Hovind and I was fascinated. I was right in trusting the Bible on its word and I experienced it as a wink from God, a “thank you for trusting me.” I went to that group leader and from there I became familiar with the website and I ordered many DVD’s, posters, books and so on.

Now, many years later, I am still very interested in this subject and I follow your website, facebook and YouTube channel with great interest. You are doing great work and you are the tool God used to give a young boy confirmation in his belief in God’s word.
Matt and Amy from the Internet, March 2013
Enjoyed your Creation Today Show with Eric Hovind, Paul Taylor, and Ben Schettler. Very well done! With the spiritual and political climate we live in, we read and listen to just about everything we can when it comes to God's Word and today's youth. (BTW, loved the article you wrote featured in Answers in Genesis!) We live in dark days, but praise God for the remnant spreading His light throughout the world. The Creation Today Show that you did with Ben makes it easier for the rest of us to do just that!

We sent your video to my Preacher last week, and to my surprise, he showed it in church tonight! Many people were enlightened and loved the entire presentation. Now, instead of just one fan, you have hundreds!

Keep pressing on!

Tommy, Manager of small Christian TV Network Scandinavian, March 2013
I have broadcasting programs of The Creation Seminar by Dr. Kent Hovind. This program has been very popular and some people have been saved after to see this program. Now, the network is growing with broadcasting to Africa, Asian, Australian and US under the name Channel 316 television. I see that you have a program called Creation Today Show. Are you interesting in airtime for this program on Channel 316 TV? I'm looking forward to hearing from you. God bless.

Dave, Film Producer, March 2013
Just wanted you to know that I have been getting more and more orders for Beginnings as it airs more on TV. Just yesterday a woman called to order your Beginnings. She was very intelligent and spoke highly of the episode she saw on TV. During the conversation the woman said she was 93 years old and was getting the series for her great grandchildren. I was amazed. I thought it was great that this woman, being that age, cared enough and was trying to share your DVD’s with her great grandchildren!

God bless!

Chris from Nebraska, March 2013
You don't know me but I saw your video on Facebook. I wanted to tell you about your influence in my ministry and life. This will be long but let me start at the beginning:

I've been in youth ministry for over 10 years. We have seen some amazing things in that time and watched countless people give their lives to God. A little over a year ago we felt like God was taking us in a new direction. So we began to interview with some different churches about their openings. We went to visit a church in Hastings NE and there we met a man named Brian Young. He is with Creation Instruction Association. Up until this time, I had never even heard of a creation ministry but believe me I was intrigued. I immediately booked him to come to the current church we were working for. In the meantime, I began to do research and stumbled across your ministry. I found numerous videos online of your dad. I couldn't stop watching them. They were incredible. In fact I watched so many of them that I literally exhausted my data plan on my iPad over a weekend. I was blown away by the use of science and the bible. Brian came in and did the event and was more than I could have asked for. I bought so many resources from him that weekend that it took me months to get through them all. He also encouraged me to look more into your guys ministry as you guys do an excellent job with it. So I did and have dropped a small fortune in your online store, I'm sure you hate to hear that :).

Anyway, it has revolutionized the way we do ministry! It breaks my heart to watch a student who is so on fire for God leave high school and go to college only to question everything they once believed. Until discovering your ministry I didn't have a good solution for that problem. Now we are building a stronger foundation and the students are responding to it better than I could have hoped.

God has always used us to build or rebuild ministries. I've always been somewhat of a problem solver. We accepted the position in Hastings and have seen tremendous things happen since we came here.

I am writing all of this to simply say Thank You! Thank you for following God. Thank you for jumping in where your father left off and taking the whole thing to another level. I know what you're going through right now. My family had to make great sacrifices to make the move to Hastings but I knew we had to follow God and that he would provide. And He has. I know that people will step up and help you complete the next task in your life. Please know that I am praying for you and your family as well as everyone involved in the ministry. Ministry can be a thankless job at times. And when the financial burden seems greater than the resources available, you begin to question whether you're doing the right thing or not. Keep pursuing God and all that he has for you. My family will be supporting your ministry. I will tell everyone I can to get on board and do the same. Again thank you for all that you guys do. Thank you for being "real" on that video telling people where you are.

God Bless!

Creation Today Show Endorsements:

"Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor bring a hard hitting, no nonsense approach to the creation evolutionism debate. I cannot think of a program that deserves to get a wider audience than the Creation Today Show."
—Darek Isaacs, Author of Dragons or Dinosaurs, The Extinction of Evolution, and Can God Create a Rock So Big He Can't Move it?

“The Creation Today show is absolutely cutting-edge material. Eric Hovind, Paul Taylor, and crew know their material inside out and deliver it with passion. Riveting stuff!”
—Carl Gallups, Best-selling author, senior pastor, conservative talk radio host, founder of PPSIMMONS Christian apologetics and internet news.

“Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor do a fantastic job of addressing a variety of contemporary issues from a solidly biblical position. Creation Today is a must watch for Christians and non-Christians alike! There is no other show like it. Thank you Eric and Paul for standing bold and not shying away from tough issues.”
—Carl Kerby, President and Founder of Reasons for Hope

“The Creation Today Show is very lively, engaging and relevant. Eric and Paul are great hosts and they interview a wide variety of guests on topics that are always faith-building and very interesting. I would personally highly recommend it to any Christian media outlet.”
—Jay Seegert, Co-Founder & Principal Lecturer of Creation Education Center

“Eric Hovind’s Creation Today show would be a great addition to your programming lineup. It’s professionally produced and hosted. The series is provocative, informing to believers about how their faith is firm when it comes to science and the Bible. Your audience will love the content and walk away with confidence about how science and Bible agree. Don’t pass up this opportunity to take this program into your network or station. You’ll be enriched and your viewers will be thankful for the compelling information presented in each episode.”
—Kyle Justice, Producer for Awesome Science Media

“KICC TV in London would like to add this program to their lineup. (They reach 167 million HH's in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.) Please send me FTP instructions and a brief synopsis of the program.”
—Gabe Harris. TV Concierge, @graymediagabe, p: 877.495.GRAY
f: 918.212.6963;

“Please consider airing Eric Hovind's Creation Today Show. With the relentless attacks on the Scriptures and with the popularity of atheism and evolution, the content is greatly needed today.”
—Ray Comfort

“The Creation Today Show has been a tremendous asset to our programming. The production is super high quality (in HD) and the content is a much-needed, unique, and relative message for our audience. And it reaches a younger demographic that we sorely need to reach. I highly recommend any station to add The Creation Today Show to their line-up.”
David Mayo, General Manager, WHBR TV
Christian Television Network

Svein from Pensacola, Florida, March 2013
I saw you on The Creation Today Show the other day, and you had an "atheist" cap on. It was fun. You are untraditional, radical! Great job! Hope lots of people are watching this weekly show!

Tammy from Ontario, Canada, March 2013
As a teenager, I heard part of your seminar in Sunday School. The little I saw was just enough and at just the right time in my life. It gave me the confidence that the Bible could be trusted, and that the evolutionary stuff we were being fed was propaganda. I learned that faith and intellect did not have to be mutually exclusive. The Creation Seminar Series gave me hope in that, it allowed me to trust the Bible again. I would not be a believer today had it not been for the assurance this seminar gave me in the Bible. We must have a sure foundation, and I thank you and your team for defending it.

Jimmy, March 2013
Your ministry has changed hundreds of thousands of lives! I believe that your ministry has actually changed history. Many are now aware of the evolution deception and have used your materials to teach God’s truth to others, also!

Clarence from Canada, March 2013
I have watched many of your videos and applaud you for your efforts. My only son came to know Jesus as a result of these materials and so I am in your debt.

Dustin from Colorado, March 2013
Thank you for the impact you have had in my life. From watching your tapes, I learned creation science. Thanks to you, I am not ignorant of evolution’s dangers and deceit. I am now attending Bible College and have met many people whose lives have been changed by your ministry. I continue to introduce your ministry to many of my friends. Thank you so much for all you have done. Jesus has used you in more ways than you could ever imagine.

David from Arkansas, March 2013
For the last couple of years, I have been on a “spiritual journey” of sorts. I wanted to believe in Jesus and the Bible as some of my Christian friends did, but God’s love was literally a foreign language to me. I was on a path of destruction and was slowly but surely killing myself as I indulged in the flesh to extremes.

I found myself on a friend’s farm in Arkansas, where her family showed me The Creation Seminar DVD series. My mind was blown away! I felt a sense of truth that I had not known before. On Sunday night, February 17, I got down on my knees and for the first time in my short life of 26 years, I invited Jesus Christ into my being and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior!

I am truly born again. My life has started a new. I am growing in faith exponentially as I walk with our Lord. Life is so exciting and all I want to do is tell as many lost souls as I can about God’s love! Thank you for your courageous actions to bring Christ to me and so many others!

Steven from Heiderand, South Africa, March 2013
For many years, I automatically accepted the story that God created the world in six days, but that His definition of a day was much different from what we considered a day. Gradually, I accepted that the Bible was not the absolute truth and that it was left for us to interpret. Finally, I stopped reading the Old Testament and stopped thinking about God the Creator. I could never understand what was so great about Jesus dying on the cross, because I could not fathom that Jesus is also God. —All these problems in my thinking because I did not understand the words: “In the beginning God...”

Through listening to your seminars, the whole picture changed. All of the sudden, I understood the creation. It was as if my DNA said, “See!!” For the first time, I experienced the knowledge of why Jesus died for me! Thank you for being faithful to the Holy Spirit to guide you. Blessing from the most southern tip of Africa!

Lauren, March 2013
I remember asking my Sunday School teacher why dinosaurs weren’t in the Bible. He acted shocked and not knowing how to answer me, he finally concluded that dinosaurs were before the Bible. My child-like faith was crushed. I questioned everything. God felt far away. I stopped going to church. Then I saw one of your videos on Christian Media Network. You are a gift from God! I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for you!

Josh, March 2013
I came across one of your video seminars on creation and evolution. I never really knew much about evolution because I never really paid attention in science class, or any class really. I was one of those kids who always joked around. I kinda regret not paying attention now! But when I came across your seminar, I watched the whole thing! That is a record for me! My life is changed! Now I have a deep concern for people, especially skeptics, to tell them the truth.

Kyle, March 2013
Thank you for opening my eyes and helping me realize that true Science does not contradict the Bible, but rather confirms God’s Word. I count that knowledge a priceless gift. Now, I want to dedicate my life to spreading God’s Word with your resources.

Dima from Russian, April 2013
I am writing to you from Azov, Russia. I grew up by atheist parents and not knowing God like all the rest of my generation here. Then I was looking on YouTube and found your sermons on creation. I watched all of them I wanted to watch the debates with scientists, but they have not been translated into Russian yet, so I had to constantly open the dictionary making it hard to understand.

Still, I have gotten to know God! It was an unforgettable moment in my life when I opened the door to Jesus! Thank you for all you have done! Your ministry is reaching the most remote corners of the planet.

Matthew from Rhode Island, April 2013
My father was brought up Catholic and my mother was brought up liberal Jewish. I attended the Jewish Temple and had my Bar-Mitzvah and went to church. But I didn’t enjoy church. I found it to be a waste of time and my attitude towards God was the same. I attended public school, and was thoroughly indoctrinated in Naturalistic Evolution from the beginning.

After many years of struggling to find answers, I began watching all of your videos. It made so much sense! Then after viewing Leviathan,, the Fire Breathing Dragon, I repented and the sweet Holy Spirit began to comfort me. It was life changing brothers! I had always needed a scientific (naturalistic) answer to everything, and I couldn’t understand people worshiping and praying, but now I do! Praise be to Him who can make a prudent man like me sing and shout joyfully His name!

Brad from Iowa, April 2013
My whole family has learned so much from your ministry. We homeschool our 5 kids. We have and still use most of the resources you have produced. My oldest son is now at college. He is being bombarded with evolutionary teachings. To date he has just been laughing to himself on how these intellectuals can believe such crazy premises to avoid accepting that there is a God. He has a great foundation and understanding in creation science. Thank you!
Keep up the good work.

Mary Jo from Florida, April 2013
I have been having some really good conversations with my sister in law regarding the things I have been learning from your resources. She has been floundering spiritually for awhile, but after listening to your first segment from The Proof of God Conference, she has changed drastically. I see the joy of the Lord in her again and she was so excited when I told her you were going to be in the Tampa area. I trust she will be blessed beyond measure.
Mary Jo

Dr. Cammi from Colorado, April 2013
Thank you for the privilege of having Eric on my radio show. Thank you also for your resources as they have affected my family in a great way. Before I married my husband several years ago, I was praying for God to work in his life; he was saved through your DVD’s! I am so grateful to Creation Today!

Here's a quote from Ken Ham's blog yesterday, about the AiG MegaConference:

"My friend and excellent communicator Eric Hovind will speak..."

Isaac from Italy, May 2013
Hi, I am fourteen, and ever since I have been watching the Creation Today Show, I have been able to tell my friends why the evolution side is wrong, and to give them facts against it. I am a strong believer in Christ and I go to a Calvary Chapel Bible College in Italy. Thank you for all you have done. Praying for you!

Sheila from Pennsylvania, May 2013
Because of your ministry, my husband now teaches on Creation, Biblical Anthropology and more!

Matthew from Halifax, West Yorkshire, South Africa, May 2013
I was a false convert for a while, but thanks to your ministry, now I’m saved and a staunch creationist! I’m sharing the Creation Seminars like crazy in South Africa and have even gotten some up to Central Africa!

James from the United Kingdom, May 2013
We continue to use your debates and seminars in our outreach in Southend, Essex, England. Thank you and God bless your ministry!

Fred from The Netherlands, May 2013
God used your videos to open my eyes and take creation seriously. In the beginning, I certainly didn’t believe everything on the resources, but you gave me a lot of eyebrow-raising questions on evolutionism that I had never heard before within the first hour that I watched your creation seminar! Well, the rest is history! God bless you guys! I can’t wait to shake hands with you guys either here on earth or in eternity!!

Brent, May 2013
I have watched The Creation Seminar series and some of Eric’s Apologetics videos. As a result, my brother-in-law and I now enjoy a good relationship. Great thanks to your entire team. You have no idea how much your work means to me and so many other Christians. All the glory to the most high!

Stan in Oregon to Amain Vill in India, May 2013
Recently a family here donated 40,000 rupees for us to purchase and send creation science DVDs to BCM in India, to be distributed among the churches and used in public schools everywhere. Each one contains seven DVDs filled with very interesting live presentations, filled with excellent illustrations and scientific documentation, yet presented at a level that will also hold some interest for younger children. The 2013 International Edition of the Creation Seminar is being replicated this month.

Much of the material has been translated into various other languages — 42 on this edition! We are only beginning to work on Indian languages, having some Hindi, Tamil and Bengali on this edition representing nearly a half billion people. For now, they will serve excellently among so many schools which are eager to expose their students to good American English materials. Also, these will most importantly serve to inform young Indian students, as well as teachers, that the humanistic evolution which is creeping rapidly into Indian education, is a failed and foolish theory which only finds reception when the clear scientific facts supporting intelligent design and a young earth are not allowed to be learned. Here in America, the public schools are in a desperate struggle to keep their students from learning about creation science. Every time students are exposed to creation science, they embrace it, as it is so well supported by the facts; whereas, evolution makes no sense in comparison. The real reason for the conflict is religious. The evolutionists pretend to be non-religious, but they are actually very religious in their hatred for anything that verifies the Word of God. Make sure BCM knows that you want a copy of the 2013 Creation Seminars as soon as they arrive!

Regarding Sean from Toronto, May 2013
Sean was kicked out of Hebrew school when, at age ten, he told his teachers that he was an atheist. This seemed to him, the logical conclusion of the evolution theory he was learning in grade school. Sean remained an atheist until age twenty, at which time, he discovered The Creation Seminar Series regarding the creation vs. evolution debate. The series convinced him that evolution was a lie, and once he believed in God and Bible, he came to understand that Jesus is the Messiah. Sean graduated from Tyndale University with a B.A. in religious studies and philosophy. He began a YouTube channel for preaching the Gospel, and it became the most subscribed to Christian channel on the Internet. He remains committed to creating videos that can reach people with the Gospel.

Lidiya from Ukraine, May 2013
I am 19 years old and I live in the Ukraine. I don’t mean to boast you, but I thank God for your boldness. There are so few Christians now, who are ready to give everything for Jesus’ name. May the prayer of the saints surround you and protect you from evil.

Marta from Poland, May 2013
My name is Marta and I graduated Biology from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland. In Polish schools, evolution is the only option taught in science classes. In my country, many claim to believe in God, but at 24, I had never met anyone who claimed to believe in Christ Jesus. Praise God for the internet! I found the site on which everything is translated into Polish. As I viewed your translated material, I was shocked and amazed to learn that what I had been taught for five years at the University regarding evolution was untrue!

I am now a new believer in Jesus Christ, which in my country is not that popular. But I wanted to let you know that your ministry is reaching out even to the scientific community! Two weeks ago in our Baptist church, we had a lecture about creation containing very scientific evidence that confirms a biblical world-wide flood and a young age Earth. The next week we listened to a debate between a creationist man and an evolutionist man. The creationist used much of your material in the discussion. Finally, after three hours, the evolutionist asked God to show him the truth! He trusted Christ! What a joyful moment that was to see! Know that your passion for sharing biblical truth is spreading around the world! Thank you for investing in the Polish-speaking world! Blessings from Poland!

Alen from Croatia, Received June 2013
In Croatia is small number of Christians. But, the Word of God is spreading! Our Creation Association published a book of Duane Gish: Dinosaurs by Design in Croatian language! I have sold about 200 books. Thank you for your translations into Croatian!

Kanji from Alaska, Received June 2013
I just got How To Answer the Fool and I am stoked to see the good work you guys are doing! You are heroes of the faith!! I can only imagine the pressure of doing a debate! You guys have to be so focused and quick to recognize exactly what’s happening and what to say. Let’s take up our cross and follow the narrow path which is Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life! Keep up the good work and may the Lord quicken us all.

Erin , Received June 2013
God has used your ministry to help me become a disciple of Christ. When I was nine years old, I said a prayer, but I didn’t understand what it meant to be a Christ follower. A neighbor let us borrow some Creation Seminar VHS tapes. I was enthralled! It was so cool to hear that the God of the Bible is real and true! My mother bought me a Defender’s Study Bible and I began pouring over my Bible. I now cherished the Bible because I knew it was reliable. I had a new found love for God and a firm foundation in His Word. I could stand firm when the scoffers and doubters came to me.
I give credit to God for opening my eyes to the truth and saving me, but I also thank God for your ministry materials that helped draw me to the Lord!

Eric, June 2013
This past school year was my freshman year in college and I had to take Biology. My teacher taught me all these things about evolution and eventually, I accepted them. Then in June, I saw the YouTube video of “100 Reasons Why Evolution is SO Stupid!” I watched that and realized that nearly everything my teacher had taught me was disproved lies! It was so entertaining as well as informative and educational, that I stayed up nearly all night watching more videos. You got me to realize that Genesis is true! I can NEVER repay you for saving me! When we see each other in Heaven, I will be standing along with the hundreds of thousands of people you won to Christ! I myself have already won a friend to Christ with your material! I want to save more people. God bless you!

Mike from FaceBook, June 2013
I'm on your website almost every day watching videos, searching information, etc. I can't get enough of your debates and seminars. I have done a lot of my own research to disprove evolution and I too would like to help rid it from the text books. I'm increasing my knowledge more and more every day and I hope to someday be speaking in front of an audience bringing people to The Lord.

Joe from Website, June 2013
You and your father have changed my life by proclaiming the Bible and science. Had I not received some cassette tapes back in 1998 while in a secular college, I might be an evolutionist. God bless as you carry on your father's legacy. Hope that the Lord Jesus guides your interview process for The Genesis Project! I’m eager to watch Season Three of The Creation Today Show.

Karen from Look Out Magazine, June 2013
I’ve done a lot of interviewing of various ministries and a lot of looking on websites over the last three weeks. I know evolution/creation is a hot topic, but I’ve been disheartened at the number of Christians that have become sarcastic, militant, even vitriolic about their position. This whole topic is not a means unto itself but a stepping stone to present Christ. Believe me, those who have been gracious and respectful have caught my ear a lot faster. I’m praising God Eric was able to portray that as he appeared on Thom Hartmann’s leftist news show, The Big Picture. Yes, Eric’s respect will leave the door open for future appearances and I’m praying for just that. Keep the faith! You all are doing good work!

Nathan from Lamb and Lion Ministries, June 2013
There is no doubt that the Genesis Series is going to do for our understanding of the Creation as The Passion did for the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This is a monumental work in the Church's evangelism efforts."