>>>70% Of Men Are Losing This Battle

70% Of Men Are Losing This Battle

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At 6:00 this morning I met with two young men who are dealing with sexual brokenness. Raised in the Church, with godly Parents, Christian Education and……. PORN; they realize it is a problem, they recognize the addiction, now they want out!

My time with these young men was straightforward as we talked about the truth behind the lies. Porn is strangling the men of the church. Men who are supposed to be examples and witnesses of Christ. This epidemic is affecting 70% of the men in our churches and 50% of the pastors in our pulpits.

Tonight I came across this post from Mark Spence describing two men. Read and examine your life.

SexConsider these two pictures. The first picture is of a man who has set himself toward a commitment to sexual…

Posted by Mark Spence on Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Which man are you?

Don’t let Satan have the victory in your life. Let’s conquer this issue and be set free to live for Christ.

You’ve tried and can’t get victory? We understand. This will help you see it from God’s perspective.

Conquer Series Trailer

Eric Hovind in the Conquer Series

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