It would be impossible to mention all of the amazing events, milestones, friendships, and opportunities we have experienced during the past ten years of ministry with you. But with a few pictures and words, we want to remind you how awesome God has been and how He has worked in and through each one of you to advance His kingdom. We are keeping Christ at the center of all we do and as a result, the list just keeps on growing!


In addition to continuing the efforts mentioned above we are looking to:


Development of Unshakable Faith

Our Online Apologetics Course, Unshakable Faith, is currently underway and will be launching in 2018!

New Simulcasts Events

Be on the lookout for new Simulcast events in partnership with Living Waters & AIG.  Our Science, Creation, & Evangelism event will premiere in 2018.

Nationwide Truth Conferences

Truth Conferences exist to equip believers with the truth found through apologetics and feature keynote speaker Josh McDowell.

Expanding the Reach of Genesis: Paradise Lost

Genesis: Paradise Lost has been a big success! Now we are continuing to grow the impact of this film with more translations & 4D Experiences

And Lastly, the Production of Part Two of the Genesis Trilogy



Now, these dreams become reality when the rubber meets the road. Our team has made every sacrifice we could to make sure Genesis Part One was a success. . . and God graciously saw us through and blessed us by allowing us to be on 1200 screens across America, but the price in warfare is great and none of this can be accomplished without your participation and prayer.


We Are Praying For

2000 One-Time Gifts

(By Dec. 31st, 2017)


200 Monthly Partners

(For 2018)