Shari Abbott has written a book entitled, Why the Butterfly? (Available at As I read it, it was a refreshing walk down memory lane. I too often lose sight of what God has done for me and Shari’s book was a great reminder of so many foundational truths. She reminds us of everything from who God is, to the power of the Holy Spirit. I need to put this on the list of books I read once a year, because I need reminded!

Reflecting back on 2012, I am reminded of God’s abundant provision and faithfulness. Yet, as I look forward to 2013 and listen to the doom and gloom that is being forecasted from nearly every source around us, I am tempted to fear. What kind of economic crash is ahead? How much of our religious freedom will we lose in 2013? As our supporters lose more and more of their income, will our ministry stay afloat?

Then, I remember the butterfly! I remember the 34-year history of my Heavenly Father taking care of me. I reflect on the divine, day-to-day provision for the ministry I have the privilege of leading. How it must break my Abba Father’s heart when I fail to trust Him and His daily provision and faithfulness.

Do I know what 2013 holds for us as Americans? For us as Christians? No. But reflecting back reminds me that I do know God holds 2013!