>>>Even an agnostic questions Grand Canyon

Even an agnostic questions Grand Canyon

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Standing at the base of the Grand Canyon and concluding that the multiple bands that line the canyon walls are products of millions of years of sedimentation is just plain illogical. I spent a couple of weeks wandering through the Grand Canyon when I was in my early twenties. I was alone and was not given one of the government-sponsored propaganda tours, but I had been told the same pseudo-science concerning the Canyon and its origin throughout my government school indoctrination program, beginning in elementary school. I was puzzled by it then, but far more puzzled when I looked at it in person.

The line that “it had been carved out by a river” made absolutely no sense to me, but what puzzled me more were the evenly colored stripes of even heights that were uniformly found throughout the entire canyon. Not being a Christian at that time, I was not troubled by the idea of the earth being millions or billions of years old, but I was not able to understand how each of these individual layers, or stripes, got to be of one unified color.

Did they expect us to believe that millions of years of light-pink debris were followed by millions of years of gray debris, followed by millions of years of dark-pink debris, and so forth? What possible factors could have explained this uniformity of color, not to mention the uniformity of the lines dividing the layers? They are relatively smooth, even lines that stretch for great distances without any signs of erosion between them. It actually looked like the product of different types and weights of silt settling after a flood, although at the time, I erroneously considered the possibility of more than one flood having been involved.

Being an agnostic at the time, I did not look at it as an argument for or against God, it was simply an observation based on common sense. The idea that nearly perfect stripes would have formed through years of decay, being of distinct and differing colors and without erosion lines, was just plain dumb.

If all of the earth looked like the Snake River Canyon, this theory might have fooled me, but it does not, so I did see through it. I was puzzled at the time as to why so many scientists were so gullible, but I just figured that they were wrong and left it at that.

Years later, after coming to Christ and asking the Holy Spirit to guide me in all that I do, I understood why they insisted on following such a nonsensical theory. I then understood that they were not just morons, but they were morons with an agenda that guided all of their science falsely so called.

How truly sad that a person could look at that evidence of the great worldwide flood that the Bible tells us about, and to walk away from it spouting a fairy tale about great ages of the earth.

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