How many times have you heard that science and religion don’t mix? In Genesis 1 we read, “…God created the heavens and the earth” in only six days, but we are told “science” proves the earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago. In Genesis 6, we read that a global flood impacted our planet and shaped the earth’s rock layers, but we are told “science” proves that earth’s rock layers were put down slowly over millions of years. Are science and Christianity truly incompatible? Husband and wife team Brian and Virginia Norman, one theologian and one scientist, dissect this seemingly non-unitable dilemma!

Extended Interview with Brian and Virginia Norman

Brian and Virginia Norman of Early Earth Educators share their passionate calling for ministry in this interview with Eric Hovind. Learn how this husband and wife team works together in agreement despite one being a theologian and one being a scientist. Gain insight into the public education system, as well, from Virginia’s experience in that field. Be sure to check out their Early Earth Series books and collect them all!