>>>Atheist Monument Used As Platform to Preach Gospel

Atheist Monument Used As Platform to Preach Gospel

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Eric-on-Atheist-Monument-Starke-FLBackground to the Boldness

The new DVD How to Answer the Fool was released less than 2 months ago and is already sweeping across the apologetic community with jaw dropping results. Christians have been emboldened to share their faith and are learning how to defend it just like the Scriptures commanded. I was able to put the teaching into practice last Saturday at the unveiling of the nations first monument to the religion of Atheism in the history of the United States. The monument was placed in Starke, FL just outside the Bradford County Court House with 200 – 300 atheists in attendance.

Why I Care

It broke my heart to hear the atheists cheer every time the name of Christ or God was used to blaspheme. I remember looking over the audience and realizing that they are blind and can not see the truth. (1 Cor. 2:14) How can I be angry at people who are spiritually blind? Why should I get frustrated when they behave exactly like the Bible says they will behave? (Rom 1:28) I found myself praying for them and begging God to grant them repentance so that they will see the truth. (2 Tim. 2:25) The gospel of John tells us that the “sons of God” are not born of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God! (John 1:13) We need to pray that God will do a work in their lives and allow them to repent and then see the truth.

Out of love for my fellow mankind, I chose to stand up on the bench that had been placed by the atheists and remind them of what Christ did on the Cross for their salvation. I know that the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, (1 Cor 1:18) but if that is what it takes for people to hear the truth I will be more than willing to preach the cross.

A Surprising Reaction

I am surprised by the Christians who objected to me standing on the atheists’ new monument, but let me remind you that it was built as a bench in order to serve a practical purpose. I can think of nothing more practical than preaching the gospel to a group who desperately need to hear it. I was not disrespectful, not hateful, but rather speaking the truth in love. If you know that someone is going to walk off a cliff and don’t warn them, then you are the one full of hate, and disrespect.

Here is our footage of the event if you haven’t seen it.


I was thrilled to see a post from the Christian News and called Heather Clark, the writer of the article, to say thank you. She was so thankful that someone stood up to speak the truth to the group of Atheists around the monument. I answered a few questions for her and am very thankful that she is interested in the gospel being preached.


Christian News Network

Email to Heather:

Thank you for covering this historic occasion as atheists have been forced to reveal their beliefs for what they really are: a religion.

I was not protesting this event. On the contrary, I recognize that their religion of atheism has the right to put up a monument right along with other religions.

“What led you to be involved at the dedication ceremony Saturday?”

First, I love atheists. Now, I don’t believe there really is such people, according to Romans 1: 18 – 22.  I have recognized that if it was not for the grace of God in my life, I would be one of them.

The reason I went to the monument dedication was to have an opportunity to speak the truth in love to each atheist there. Every person who calls themselves an atheist that I have met does not know if they are right, but I know that I am. This is not pride, but a confidence that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the Glory of God. It is standing on the truth that all knowledge is in Christ (Col 2:3). CreationToday.org exists to equip the body of Christ to know and defend our faith in our Creator and Savior.

I find it strange that some atheists speak of God as “evil” when according to their atheism, there is no such thing as evil. Frankly, they are constantly revealing their knowledge of God every time they protest His laws.

“As I understand, you preached while standing on the bench. Is this true? If so, how did it go?”

According to the press release given to me by Rick Wingrove (Capital Region Director for the American Atheists) and Dave Muscato (Public Relations Director for American Atheists), the atheists wanted to erect a monument which also served a practical purpose, i.e., something like a bench. I can think of nothing more practical than preaching the Gospel.

I had debated David Silverman of American Atheists a few months ago. While I was preparing to preach on the bench, he turned to me and asked, “Are you photo-bombing me?” I said “No,” and then I stood up to preach. I started by thanking the atheists for their tolerance and for providing us with a platform like the bench to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Some Christians have said that my actions were uncalled for. I would like to remind them that I was actually using the bench in an appropriate way and for its intended purpose.

While I was preaching, I actually heard some of the atheists shout: “Burn him at the stake.” It reminded me of “Fox’s Book of Martyrs,” which recounted Christians who had been used by God to spread the gospel but were killed for their faith. I also thought of Tertullian who wrote: “the blood of martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

As the quotes on the bench describe, atheists are tolerant of anything except Christianity.

“American Atheists have said that they will post more of these monuments elsewhere in the country. How do you believe Christians should respond to them?”

I think it’s great. It’s opening up dialogue and providing a place for people to come and reason together. The Christians response should be exactly what the Bible commands: love and respect. God loved us when we were un-lovable, and those who have experienced His love should share the love of Christ with others. His love took Him to the point of Death, so how far are we willing to go?



Thank you for stopping by and thanks for your prayers.

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