Last night, I listened for about an hour to a group of atheists discussing the question, “Did Jesus exist?” I must admit, I was rather appalled by their overwhelming ignorance on the truth of the Gospels and of Jesus himself. The gentleman leading the discussion claimed that three of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, were written by just one person. While most of them agreed that Jesus was a real person, they all rejected that he was God. We see that our day is no different from the days of the Apostle Paul, and he wrote just a few years after Christ walked some of the same paths that Paul himself walked. People knew that Jesus existed, but most rejected Him as God.

I love what Charles Swindoll said about God’s revelation to mankind.

Knowing that revealing himself through nature does not suffice, the Lord has also revealed Himself to humanity in dramatic, miraculous ways. He spoke audibly to some and visited others in dreams and visions. He appeared in various physical forms throughout history and then manifested his special presence among the Israelites in the other worldly glow of the Shekinah glory above the Ark of the Covenant. He revealed His holy character through the Law of Moses and spoke to all of humanity through prophets and apostles, who dutifully and inerrantly recorded His message for all to read and apply. Ultimately, He revealed himself perfectly in the person of His Son Jesus Christ. (Insight on Romans, Charles Swindoll)

Truly, God has revealed Himself in so many ways and yet some still reject Jesus as the Christ. I have said it before and will say it again, God’s truths are not a matter of belief or unbelief; they are a matter of acceptance or rejection.

In case you don’t know, here is a list of what other worldviews believe about Jesus.

Muslims believe that Jesus was one of Islam’s many prophets, a good and holy man, but certainly not the Son of God.

Mormons believe that God created Jesus through a relationship with one of His celestial wives. In fact, according to the Mormon publication, Pearl of Great Price, even Satan himself was a son of God, and a brother of Jesus, equal with Jesus in nature. (Book of Moses, Chapter 4, Verses 1-4)

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that Jesus was, and is, merely an angel who is just one of many “gods” that they say exist. To underscore their belief that Jesus is not Almighty God, they give Jesus the title “god” but with a small “g” in their self-published New World Translation of the Bible (see John 1:1).

Most adherents to the New Age Movement believe that Jesus was a great enlightened teacher who realized that He was God, just like we all can realize we are God.

Hindus believe that Jesus was one of many great and holy men. Many Hindus believe that Jesus was a good teacher and perhaps one of their 330 million avatars. An avatar is an incarnation of the impersonal, supreme being that Hindus believe fills the universe.

Buddhists believe that Jesus was an enlightened man. Do they believe He was God? No.

Yes, there exists today a wide variety of opinions as to who Jesus was and is. Some say He was a great man, others a prophet, an angel, or one of many gods.

If you believe what Christians down through the centuries have believed, you hold to a much higher view of Jesus. Christians believe that Jesus was and is God Almighty, absolutely equal in nature with the Father and the Holy Spirit, the other two persons in the Trinity.

Why do we believe that? Plain and simple, that’s what the Bible teaches and we believe there are good reasons to trust the Bible. To learn more about the deity of Christ, I encourage you to read this article from Charlie Campbell. “The Deity of Christ”

Thanks for reading and thanks for praying.

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