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Australia’s Hybrid Shark Means “Evolution In Action?”

It all started on Facebook 

Tony posted a link to an article on my Facebook page that boasted that the world’s first hybrid shark was found off the coast of Australia. I hope it doesn’t offend you when I say I laughed at the article’s attempt to feed me the fairytale of evolution with a slice of global warming on the side. Can it get any more obvious than this?

What the article presents are some good observations:

  • The sharks have the genes of an Australian black-tip shark, but look like the Common black-tip shark.
  • The shark has been produced by a hybridization of the two “species.”
  • The hybrid shark can survive in colder water.
  • The sharks can produce viable offspring, as is evident from the “genetic roadmap” that has been collected.
  • The hybrids were “extraordinarily abundant, accounting for up to 20 percent of black-tip population.”

Then mixed into the article are some terrible conclusions:

  • “The predators were adapting to cope with climate change.”
  • “This is evolution in action.”
  • “The Australian black-tip could be adapting to ensure its survival as sea temperatures change because of global warming.”
  • “Sharks … were continuing to evolve.”

Good observations, bad conclusions. I wonder if they ever considered that when you stand back and look at them, they are all sharks. That means they are the same kind of animal. That is not evolution taking place; there is no changing from one kind of animal into another kind of animal happening here. We started with a shark and now we have a shark. That is not evolution!

This one-minute video shows why there is so much confusion over the word “evolution.”

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