>>>Back to School with Evolution: Speak Up or Stay Quiet?

Back to School with Evolution: Speak Up or Stay Quiet?

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I just started earth science class and evolution is part of the curriculum. I feel it is my duty to speak up. I hate the thought of my classmates being taught lies and the real possibility of their not getting saved or seeing God if they believe the evolution stuff. I feel led to speak up. What do I do?

Keeping quiet may be the easy way to get through the class, but it does not help others as you said. “We are the salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13). One of salt’s many duties is to preserve. The world is rotting because so many Christians have failed to be salty and preserve their little area from corruption. Maybe God has placed you in that class as salt. (See Esther 4:14.)

I’ve also recently been told that the public school community is finally realizing that the materialistic world is not all there is, so it is starting to open back up to spirituality. However, it seems to be turning more to Eastern religions than to Christianity in some cases. This is based on a misconception that Christianity is a militant religion (the Crusades, the Inquisition), and many people are searching for peace. Also, in public schools in the past, some fundamental Christians have been harsh in their tones and actions. Because of this we need to take special care not to be argumentative, but thoughtful. We must strive to come across as caring, not belligerent, in our attitudes and actions.

We need to be wise in guiding vital truth around others’ mental roadblocks. If you do this right, you may help the other students, the teacher, and his future students and come out a better Christian as well. Remember, salt does irritate open wounds. Be as gentle as possible. Don’t try to purposefully irritate, but keep in mind it can happen.

Are you ready?

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