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A 6-session video-driven study that will start your journey from the Beginning.  It will educate, entertain, and prepare you for the most pressing topics of our day—creation vs evolution, where did I come from, why am I here, etc.

Beginnings is a creation experience for small groups, churches, and individuals from all walks of life.  Creation Speaker, Eric Hovind, explores the age-old questions of life, the evidence for a young earth, and how dinosaurs fit in with the Bible.

Download the study guide that provides an introduction to each lesson, creative challenges, great discussion questions, and practical ways to apply each lesson to everyday life!

You will learn about:

  • The meaning of life
  • Where we came from
  • Why are we here
  • Fascinating history about the Universe
  • And apologetics

This course consists of:

  • Six half-hour video teachings of exploring biblical creation & creation vs evolution
  • Printable ministry small group leader’s guides & quizzes
  • Supplemental bible resources

Also includes 8 Bonus (1 min.) Creation Minute episodes of “Fun Facts”… Cool to see.

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Get $5 Off w/ this Coupon Link
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