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Biology (Online)

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An Introduction to Biology – Homeschool Curriculum…

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These 7 intriguing lessons taught by Eric Hovind take students on a journey into the mysteries of the wonderful world of biology!  Watch this veteran teacher skillfully present the different body systems, giving students a solid foundation for biology studies.

Eric uses dozens of practical illustrations and applications to demonstrate the overwhelming evidence that biology supports the truths of creation as taught in the Bible.  He breaks down this complex subject into bite size pieces that make students not only enjoy the study of biology but whets their appetite to study more!

Carefully woven into the details of their biology studies, students will marvel as Eric demonstrates the obvious hand of the Creator in His creation.  Let this introductory course reveal that truly we are “fearfully and wonderfully made!”

Geared for upper elementary through early high school grade levels, each lesson varies in length, but is approximately 50 minutes long.

You will learn about:

  • Plant, Animal, & Human Life
  • The Classification System
  • The Importance of Plants
  • The Different Kinds of Animals
  • And the Basic Systems of the Human Body

This course consists of:

  • Seven 50 min, palatable, video teachings of the basics of biology
  • Printable outlines, quizzes, & a final exam
  • Supplemental bible resources

Also includes fun science experiments… Cool to see & try!

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