>>>By Design or By Chance?

By Design or By Chance?

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RC Helicopter and the bacterial flagellum

It took me five minutes of coaxing my wife to get her to see the value of our family’s first RC helicopter for the kids. (When I say “kids.” I mean me. 🙂

The Blade MCX is an amazing piece of engineering for just $99.00. I have not been disappointed! You can literally let it hover in mid-air and set the remote control down without loosing control. It is able to move through the air on all three accesses with ease. Apparently the Blade’s design has taken a long time to evolve. Compare this little piece of engineering to the bacterial flagellum. Bacteria are able to propel themselves through their environment at the equivalent of a human swimming 60 mph.  The bacteria uses a single hair called a flagellum that is 15 microns long and spins at speeds of around 6,000 rpm. The motor that spins the flagellum is very similar to the design of any motor that spins a propeller. It has a shaft, bushings, bearings and a control panel. No one would question that my new RC Helicopter has been designed, yet there are still those who would question that the bacterial flagellum was designed. I believe that is why the Bible claims that to deny God as the designer and creator is reduced to foolishness.

Here is a picture of the motor that runs my new RC Helicopter.

The motor that operates the flagellum is so small that it could fit on the cross section of a hair 8,000,000 times!

Bacterial flagellum:

I was tempted to purchase a cheaper model RC helicopter for $20, but was told that they only last a few flights and then break very easily. With my limited flying skills, I am glad that I did not go cheap! I am also glad that God the designer did not go cheap either. We are incredibly designed.  Even David the Psalmist was able to see that we are fearfully and wonderfully made: Psalm 139:14.

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