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What if Jesus Never Rose from the Dead? – Season 5 Episode 08

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Does Christianity hinge on the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ? What validates the promise to us of eternal life? Eric […]

Dinosaurs Take a Bite Out of Time Season 5 Episode 04

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Mark Armitage, former California State University Professor and Micro Specialist, whose publication of his 2012 dinosaur soft tissue discoveries resulted in […]

Battleship Apologetics: The Power of Personal Testimony – Season 4 Episode 13

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Can people argue apologetics using their testimony without using scientific facts? Many religions boast of their conversion testimonies. However, only when […]

Battleship Apologetics: How Ancient Is Man? – Season 4 Episode 11

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Today’s show looks back in time to see what early humans were really like. According to the evolution theory, early humans […]