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Debate #18 – Berkeley Hears the Truth

Taped at Berkeley University in Berkley California on April 9th, 2004. A faithful servant of the Lord tried for 6 months to get even one professor from Berkeley University to debate Dr. Kent Hovind. Over 160 professors at Berkeley University refused to take the challenge–even when money was offered to them! Since no one would […]

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Debate #15 – Three Views: Who’s Right?

April 25th, 2003 Dr. Hovind takes on Kyle Frazier and Dr. Michael Shermer at Emmanuel Christian Center, Minneapolis, MN. In this debate Kent Hovind defends the position that the Bible is literally true, the earth is six thousand years old and the theory of evolution is incorrect. Kyle Frazier maintains the position that the earth […]

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Debate #02 – Creation vs. Evolution

Is the general theory of evolution a science or a religion? Biology professor Dr. Ben Waggoner of the University of Central Arkansas defends evolution as a science. Dr. Hovind presents evolution as an unscientific religion. Excellent question and answer session with the audience.

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