>>>Cecil the Lion and Kimba the Man-Cub

Cecil the Lion and Kimba the Man-Cub

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Many in the United States are in an uproar over the killing of a lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe. Two days ago Jimmy Kimmel released a video on Cecil that went viral and has had over 6.5 million views in just 2 days. His argument however is a little ill timed considering the exposure of Planned Parenthood’s selling of human parts. How ironic that people are outraged over the hunting and killing of a lion but feel little anger over the murder of children in order to harvest their organs and sell them to the highest bidder.



Jio from Red Letters Dialog has a great idea to help get the point across to Jimmy. Watch as he explains.

Let’s ask Jimmy Kimmel how much he cares about Kimba the Man-Cub. I can’t wait to see him hold back tears as he talks about the holocaust going on in America and around the world today.

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