What began as a small project to bring the Bible to life has become Christian Cinema’s Best Selling Christian Movie of 2018!

Twenty-year industry veteran ChristianCinema.com, with the largest selection of Christian movies on Digital HD, understands the impact Christian film is having on our culture. They just released their annual top 10 best selling Christian movies for 2018.

  1. Samson, I Believe, and The God Who Speaks
  2.   I Believe
  3.  The God Who Speaks
  4.  The Coming Convergence
  5.   God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness
  6.   Let There Be Light
  7.   Mountain Top
  8.   The Trump Prophecy
  9.  The Insanity of God
  10.  And, the number one film of 2018 is …. Genesis Paradise Lost!

This outreach subtitled in 27 languages is giving the world the Biblically-accurate story of the first seven days of Creation through mind-blowing cinematography. If you purchased or rented the film, you already know of its cutting-edge 3D animation interlaced with interviews by experts to provide a thought-provoking exploration of the way God created, well, everything! You EXPERIENCED unpacking the origin scriptures of Genesis, and saw how the Bible matches both faith and science.

Christina Cinema joins the Genesis team in striving to stop the evolution indoctrination tidal wave causing 70% of kids to walk away from their faith after their first year in secular college.

But there’s more! Your purchase or rental of Genesis: Paradise Lost through Christian Cinema and their parent company, The Giving Company, also supported Crisis Aid International. Their mission of “helping the helpless” brings disaster relief to people facing famine, disease, natural disasters, and sex trafficking. The outstanding organizations also under The Giving Company umbrella include iDisciple.org, Family Christian, and Dove.org.

Together with the hard work of literally hundreds of individuals, YOU are impacting both the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of people around the world—just like Jesus’ example in Luke 2:52!!!

Do you know of a missionary, a church, an organization, or a person who speaks one of these 27 languages? Are you aware that more than 20% of United States residents speak a language other than English at home?


Check out this 27 Language Trailer!!


Join this global impact team by purchasing Genesis: Paradise Lost! Together, we are impacting people’s lives today and for eternity!