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Celebrating the Son Rise

Sunrise from airplane 03/2013Have you ever considered just how awesome a sunrise truly is?

Recently I took a 6 AM flight out of Pensacola. As I settled back, the horizon outside my window was dark, but gradually, it lightened into a canvas of reds and oranges. The profusion of color took my breath away.

Yet not everyone else on that plane was enjoying my view. Just across the aisle, quite a few of my fellow passengers still sat in darkness. Their windows faced a dark sky with no hint of dawn.

What a great picture of our world today! Collective, humankind knows so much about the complexities of nature, yet many still attribute something as complex as a sunrise to the whims of chance and time. Multitudes remain in darkness, never seeing the light of Truth–or embracing the sunrise as a gift from their Creator.

This Easter, take time to enjoy a sun rise and meditate on its Source. And don’t forget—salvation comes through the Son-rise!

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