Imagine having children and youth come to you begging to learn more about Creation! That is what happens when Chris Jason appears at fairs, festivals and churches with a mission to pass on his passion of the Creation message to the next generation. It was back in 2005 at our Creation Boot Camp that I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Jason of the Christian Creation Association in Janesville, Wisconsin. Chris had told us about a type of outreach that he and his group were doing at local fairs and we asked him to bring it down and show us how it worked.

Outreach in Action

In the Science Center at Dinosaur Adventure Land, Chris set up several poster boards packed with information on science and the Bible. Each board was numbered and each article on the board was identified with a letter on it. This made it easy to tell where things were; for example, “Look at article C on board 9.” After setting up the displays, Chris gave each one of the staff members a quiz to take with a 10-minute time limit. Every question on the quiz had the board number and article letter where the answer could be located. We ran around like crazy trying to find answers to the questions, all the while reading about science and the Bible. By the end of three quizzes, I had learned more about Creation and the science that backs it up than most kids hear from the church in their entire lives.

Using our Gifts for God

I was blown away by how effective this method was working and at how many kids had gone through their booth at the county fairs! If you have never had the opportunity to get involved in ministry and use your passion to fuel you into action, then I suggest you take the time to chat with Chris about getting busy for the Lord! I am sure that there is a way for you to use the time, talent and treasure God has given you to reach someone for Christ with the Creation message. Get motivated.

Please check out what Chris and the team are doing in their area and think about doing it in yours. Remember: Eternity is all that matters and you are going to be there for a looooooong time.