This week at The Creation Store, we are hosting a Christian citizenship course. Amazingly, the fundamentals about how government should operate and how it is ordained by God are not commonly taught to our children.

Our instructor, Dr. Jonny White is filling this gap and teaching students important truths about our American government — both how it was founded, and where it is headed. Implementing kinetic learning tools, student assignments in the class include being organized into small groups to write Bills, and proceed through the appropriate committees to try and pass their Bills into law. Great teaching!


Dr. Jonny White instructs the class on the proper role of Government during the Christian Citizenship Class.


The Class divides up into groups to form committees that will discuss the different bills that have been brought before the Class.


You can start to see the wheels turning as the discussions begin to get passionate!


We were pleased to have Representative Mike Hill come by for some time with the students.


As a result of this course, students understand that as Christians, it is our God given right and responsibility to be good citizens, and to teach others that we are accountable to God for the way we govern our own lives, our family’s lives, our church lives, and our civil lives. Students have learned the important principle that tyranny occurs whenever one form of government encroaches upon another form of government. With this definition clearly understood, they are better able to discern government actions for their true intended purpose.

Thank you students and thank you Dr. White for a paramount time of growth in these young people’s lives. You never know, a future congressman or congresswoman could be in The Creation Store class this week!

This course will be available as an online class for you to take in the future!

Thank you again for your prayers and support. We look forward to serving and equipping you to defend your faith.

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