When is a game no longer a game? I was just informed by Carl Kerby Jr that next month a new video game will be released that has lots of people talking.



BioShock History

The first version of BioShock was released in 2007 and won many “Game of the Year” awards. This one is expected to do exactly the same thing. The interesting thing is that this game has lots of references to God, and country. They have released a total of 17 minutes of the game for advertising purposes and what these 17 minutes show us is actually pretty substantial.

Bioshock: Infinite

In the few minutes of released footage we see references to:

–       the fear of God
–       the Trinity
–       the Ten Commandments
–       the Garden of Eden
–       purification from sin
–       Sodom and Gomorrah
–       the Promised Land
–       Judgment Day
–       Noah and the Ark
–       God’s forgiveness

… and, believe it or not, much MORE!

What is behind the inclusion of these references? What messages are taught by the game? The Bible is our best tool in extracting what is true, and what is not. Please go read the rest of this blog at www.rforh.com

Watch Carl Jr’s video on the upcoming release below.

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